Monday, November 7, 2022

Paradise Dynasty - A Celebration of Flavors!

Everyday is Xiao Long Bao Day! No matter the weather, be it rainy, or shiny, it's always good to have one or two, or better yet get a whole basket of Xiao Long Bao at Paradise Dynasty.

Paradise Dynasty has been our go-to-place for delicious Xiao Long Bao before the pandemic hit, we haven't had the chance to visit much then, since most of us are not so comfortable dining it yet, but since we are in a better situation now than before, we decided it's time to go back for our much missed Paradise Dynasty favorites.

Now more so than ever if we do get a chance to visit a Paradise Dynasty place on a mall visit for some errands, it's a must to dine-in at Paradise Dynasty.

So it's time to reminisce and enjoy once again our favorites from Paradise Dynasty, so what do we usually order at Paradise Dynasty?

First off, I always order for myself the Pork Dumpling in Hot Chili Vinaigrette, this is one dimsum I love to dunk on before the start of the feast, as it opens up my taste buds with hot chili flavors, and livens up my spirits, and drives my senses up a notch, looking forward to the many flavors that I will enjoy.

Next is our must-order item, Paradise Dynasty Xiao Long Bao.  Yes Paradise Dynasty boasts of their intricate flavored Xiao Long Baos, the ones you see in different colors, with flavors so distinct from each other, I'm still surprised every time I take a bite of these flavored Xiao Long Baos and wonder how they do it, but there are days where I just want my Signature Paradise Dynasty Xiao Long Bao, plain and simple, yet so flavorful and so enjoyable to partake it.

Just dip it in it's black vinegar with ginger slices and pierce the side of the XLB, to let the hot meaty juices flow, sip it in, dip it again and enjoy the whole XLB (Xiao Long Bao) in one go.  And that is how you get to enjoy Xiao Long Bao.

Now to start of our main meals is Shanghai Fried Rice, those plump shrimps, mixed with green beans, stir fried rice cooked in a mix of herbs, spices and soy sauce is in itself a meal already, but what's stopping us from enjoying more with it right.

Next up is one of our favorite dishes here, Sweet and Sour Pork, never fails to bring a smile to my face as I enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and sour sauces on the crisp fried pork cutlets.

Deep-fried Garlic Pork Ribs is Paradise Dynasty's version of the Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs you usually get to order from other Chinese restos, what makes these so special, they are crisp on the outside, while maintaining their juiciness on the tender meat inside.

Now our favorite greens at Paradise Dynasty, Stir-fried French Beans with Minced Pork.  I really don't know how they do it, as simple as it looks, you never get to enjoy the flavors of the same dish at home, even though you know the ingredients, they just seem to do it so well, that I gave up trying, and just order from them to enjoy it.

I can't really recall the last time I ordered their Dynasty Crispy Chicken, but was really glad I tried it this time on our visit.  I was pleasantly surprised how good it was, that I had second piece after as soon as I was done with my first one.

Well, here are some of the other favorites that we had

Stir-fried shredded Pork in Black Bean Sauce served with Chinese Crepes, which are more like pita breads, but much finder and more chewy.

To enjoy this, you get a piece of the hot Chinese Crepe, then scoop a hefty serving of the shredded pork and enjoy it just like eating a wrapped lumpia, so satisfyingly good.

And the last dish we had was Crispy Fried Crystal Praws in Salted Egg Yolk, a rich and flavorful dish everyone love, is you love salted egg, then you will definitely go gaga with this.

And lastly to fill up my son's tummy is his favorite La Mien, this time with braised pork.  My son always has a liking for noodles and this hits the spot.

Oh and by the way Paradise Dynasty is celebrating their 6th Anniversary this year this November 9th!  First 20 Customers who order food items (no minimum amount required) will get a FREE 6 pc. Original Xiao Long Bao.  But wait if you don't get to be part of the first 20 customers, succeeding customers who purchase P1,000 on a single receipt also get to have a free 6 pcs. Original Xiao Long Bao! What an amazing anniversary treat!  

Keep up to date on their offers and promotions and check out their Paradise Dynasty Facebook page.

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