Monday, February 7, 2022

Celebrate all kinds of love with Mimi & Bros’ special Valentine’s bundles

Valentine’s day is a day of great food at Mimi & Bros. Love day comes with a set of special bundles that is sure to make loved ones swoon with great joy and be filled with delicious experience.

This special day of love has transformed through the years into a day that can be enjoyed by all. Yes, even hopeless romantics have plenty of reasons to experience HAPPY. Mimi & Bros has prepared an enticing lineup of bundles perfect for couples, friends, and families available from February 11 – 14, 2022. These bundles, which already include drinks, give customers options for their preferred dishes from a variety of Mimi & Bros’ bestsellers.

Lola's Ragu

Whether with a special someone or the good ol’ best friend, Mimi & Bros has made a special bundle for two. At a cost of only 700PHP, the bundle includes two glasses of iced tea and two dishes of choice from the following Mimi & Bros bestsellers: Truffle Honey Butter Chicken Fingers, Pepperoni Dirty Bird, Dirty Bird 2.0, Lola’s Ragu, Garlic Shrimp Pasta, and Pork Ribs Carbonara. 

For the early birds, breakfast for two is also available for only 660PHP. Two cups of brewed coffee are served alongside two choice dishes from the Mimi & Bros all-day breakfast menu, which includes Breakfast Burrito, Beef Tapa, Caramelized Spam, Chicken Tocino, Beef Brisket Corned Beef, Adobo Flakes, Bacon Rice, and Classic Omelet.

Corn Dogs

Mimi & Bros also offers a bundle for three just in case the classic third-wheeler tags along. The bundle offers trios three choice dishes and three glasses of iced tea for only 1000PHP. Choices include Corn Dogs, Chicken Fingers with Molten Cheese Dip, Bobby’s Honey Lime Wings, Eddie’s Buffalo Wings,  Fish Sauce Caramel Wings, and Fried Chicken Sisig.

Chili Dog

The last bundle offered is for sharing the love with double dates, families or barkada. This bundle comes with four glasses of iced tea and four choice dishes for only 1400PHP. Choices include Mozzarella Sticks, Chili Nachos, Dirty Bird 2.0, Chili Dog, Rib Sandwich, Mimi’s Fried Chicken Sandwich, and Double Cheese Smash Burger.

Whoever the company is, great comfort food that evokes a sense of HAPPY is sure with Mimi & Bros. Make Valentine’s Day special with these tasty, delicious, and belly-filling treats from Mimi & Bros. 

To order, call Mimi & Bros at 0945-798-5176 or reach Mimi & Bros through Facebook Messenger ( or via Instagram (@mimiandbros).

Mimi & Bros is also open for al fresco dining from 11AM-12AM on weekdays and 7AM-12AM on weekends at Crossroads BGC, 32nd St. 

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