Saturday, December 18, 2021

Red Ribbon’s Savory and Sweet Bread Rolls: your perfect on-the-go, affordable bite

Whether for breakfast, merienda, or everything else in between, it cannot be denied that Pinoy’s simply love their breads. And these days, as their taste and palettes have become even more sophisticated and discriminating, they now also add bread rolls, popular across Southeast Asia, to their list of faves, on top of traditional sliced bread and pandesal.  


And why not? Bread rolls truly make for that perfect merienda or filling snack bite: a real meal unto itself thanks to its yummy filling. Now, Red Ribbon, for years making each moment both big and small more special, is proud to present its own new line of savory bread rolls -- premium in quality and offering great value for money -- that is sure to be a hit among the homegrown bakeshop’s ever loyal fans and bread roll lovers of all ages. 


New Savory Bread Rolls 


For deliciously meaty and filling treats, take your pick among Asado Bread Rolls, Chicken and Spicy Chicken Floss Bread Rolls.


Asado Bread rolls come as softly baked bread filled with tender braised pork that is simmered in a special sweet - savory sauce. A Chinese-style creation for Pinoy tastes.


Chicken Floss is softly baked bread topped with a generous amount of chicken meat floss and savory meat spread. Indeed a chicken lover's dream. Spicy Chicken Floss is softly baked bread topped with a generous amount of spicy chicken meat floss and savory meat spread. Perfect for those who want that distinct taste and kick with every bite. 


All Savory Bread Rolls are priced at P65 for a pack of 4s. Asado Bread Rolls currently available in Luzon only. 


Sweet Bread Rolls 


Of course, for those with a sweet tooth, Red Ribbon has them covered as well as they present their Sweet Bread Rolls in Chocolate, Raisin, and Yema flavours! 

Yema Bread Rolls are softly baked bread with Yema Caramel filling that’s evocative of a Yema Caramel cake!

Raisin Bread Rolls are made with delightfully sweet raisins.

Chocolate Bread Rolls are made with Red Ribbon’s signature chocolate chunks that we’ve all come to enjoy. 


Chocolate and Raisin Bread Rolls are priced at P25 per 4pc pack while Yema Bread Rolls, presently available only in Luzon, are priced at P55 per 4pc pack. 


So, the next time a hankering for yummy bread rolls kicks in, try out Red Ribbon’s line of Savory and Sweet Bread Rolls available for take-out or delivery! 

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