Thursday, July 2, 2020

Landers Central brings a taste of New York to your home

If you want to have an authentic New York-style dining experience, you are in luck! Flavors from the Big Apple are now within reach with Landers Central which brings some of New York's all-time favorites right at your doorsteps.  Located within Landers Superstore, the fastest growing membeship shopping in the country,  Landers Central's must-try items are truly worth checking out: 

Pizza. New York is known for its own style of pizza. With Landers Central's N.Y. Cheese Deluxe, you get the same soft dough, tasty tomato sauce, and gooey cheese that will leave you wanting for more. They’ve also got other flavors like Manhattan Supreme, Bronx Pepperoni, and Brooklyn Bomber to satisfy whatever you are craving for.

Hotdogs. The streets of New York will not be the same without its iconic hotdogs. Landers Central's U.S. Famous Beef Hotdog will make you feel like you are walking along Central Park with its flavor-packed sausage and complimentary toppings. They also have the U.S. Beef Jalapeno Cheese Hotdog for those who want to spice things up.

Chicken. You can never go wrong with fried chicken. Another street food staple in the Big Apple, Landers Central's fried chicken is a sure treat made for sharing or for indulging by yourself. You can get it in solo meals or in an 8-piece bucket.

Burgers. Landers Central is all about lip-smacking all-American flavors and its U.S. Angus Beef Burger is one of their must-try items. With its perfect combination of fresh buns, tasty sauces and veggies, and a juicy patty, the U.S. Angus Beef Burger is a comforting meal that you can also pair with some fries and soda.

Now available for delivery via Central Delivery, you can get a taste of all these New York favorites and more from Landers Central at home. 

Just visit to place your order. You may also follow @LandersPH on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates.

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