Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A heartwarming celebration for dad this Father’s Day

This year’s Father’s Day may not be quite normal for all of us, especially with the ongoing pandemic. While we can’t celebrate this special occasion with a big gathering to honor and express our love for Dad, we can still make him feel loved on Father’s Day with these heartwarming ways suggested by Solane, the country’s leading LPG solutions provider:

Prepare his favorite dishes. This special day for dads is the perfect opportunity to cook his favorite dishes. If he’s a meat lover, then you can prepare a spread of burgers, steaks and barbecue. If he is trying to be more healthy, try out some new vegan recipes. Don’t forget to complement his favorite dishes with his favorite drink!

Host a surprise virtual party with his buddies. Because of social distancing rules, you can’t invite dad’s friends over, but you can still make it a memorable occasion by throwing him a virtual surprise party with his friends. Arrange for packs of drinks and pica-pica to be delivered to his friends’ houses and along with an invite indicating the time and log-in details for the online surprise party. Tell guests to sign in a little later than your dad for the added surprise effect. For sure, Dad will enjoy having drinks with his buddies who hasn’t seen in a while. 

Grow a garden. If you’re thinking of a refreshing bonding activity with your dad, consider working on a gardening project together. The plants can add a breath of fresh air to your home during community quarantine. If you grow vegetables and fruits, you can also use them next time you cook in the kitchen together. Moreover, growing a family garden presents a great opportunity to putdown your phones and interact with each other face-to-face. That would be a very meaningful gift to give our dads this Father’s Day.

Build something together. Does your dad enjoy building things? This Father’s Day, why not join him and suggest to make something together like a birdhouse or plant box. If the kids are too young to use the tools, bring out the paintbrushes and let them decorate the DIY projects.

Go glamping indoors. In the house’s living room, set up a big mat with pillows, blankets, or beanie bags, where the entire family can comfortably huddle together for a night of bonding. Prepare smores, hotdogs on sticks, and other yummy snacks to lend to the camping feel, but a glamorous one, of course!

Even with everything that’s going on in the world, our dads deserve to have a fun and memorable Father’s Day celebration. For more tips and recipe ideas or to order your Solane LPG to cook for dad, visit

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