Sunday, September 8, 2019

Chicken N' Mojos, Perfect Together Wherever, Whenever

Shakey's Chicken N' Mojos, 
Perfect Together!
And now 25% off!!

I have been eating Shakey's Chicken N' Mojos for as long as I can remember, yes and I won't tell you how long that was, but it was the time where Shakey's even had a stage set-up for bands to perform, if you want to know how long that was, maybe you could ask an auntie or uncle of yours, yes that was Shakey's before.

But now Shakey's has evolved to a new more family friendly pizza parlor, and after all these years, one thing has not changed, their amazingly delicious meals and our love for their Chicken N' Mojos!

And to celebrate our love for their Chicken N' Mojos, Shakey's brings you the Perfect Together Promo!  Eat your heart out and Shakey's N' Mojos at 25% off!

Feast on Shakey's Chicken N' Mojos with a 25% discount from Mondays to Thursdays until Sept. 12!  Now that's more reason to feast on Shakey's Chicken and Mojos.  Discounts applies to Solo (3 pcs.) and Buddy (5 pcs.).

Get your hands busy and order your favorite Chicken N' Mojos, with that crisp light breading, juicy and tender meat, then dig in on those golden brown mojos, ah heaven!

Want to make the deal even sweeter?  Purchase a Shakey's SuperCard and enjoy exclusive promos!  

Like for Chicken N' Mojos, you get 40% on Mondays until Sept. 12, that's additional 15% off the offer of 25% off. 

But there's more, here are what you can enjoy with your Shakey's SuperCard.

  • Buy a large or party-size pizza PLUS 1.5L Coke product and get a FREE pizza of the same size. 
  • A birthday pizza treat. 
  • 10% off on dine-in or carryout purchases. 
  • SuperPoints (1 point for every Php100.00 spent) for dine-in or carryout purchases. 
  • Exclusive discounts and freebies.

    No cards yet? You can avail from any Shakey’s branch nationwide for only P499.  

How much do you love your Chicken N' Mojos?  See how these Chicken N' Mojo fans spread the love.  So head on today to your favorite Shakey's store and reward yourself with your favorite Shakey's Chicken N' Mojos!

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