Thursday, March 21, 2019

Get 50% Off on Selected Beef Cuts on Meat Day --- Every 29th of the Month at Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse in City of Dreams Manila

To celebrate the traditional Japanese Meat Day, Ruby Jacks’ steakhouse at City of Dreams Manila together with its sister branch in Tokyo is offering selected beef cuts at half the price every 29th of the month.

In Japan, 29 read as “2” and “9” is “ni” and “ku” in Japanese, respectively. When combined, the word play “Niku” in Japanese means “meat.” On this day, its popular among Japanese to eat meat. In Manila, Ruby Jack’s is set to create this trend for diners to partake of exquisitely juicy beef cuts every 29th of the month with the 50% off promotion. 

Ruby Jack’s is a popular steakhouse famous for its dry-aged meats and premium grilled steaks. The restaurant, founded in Japan, has become a recognized name in the culinary world because it uses only the best natural ingredients selected from all around the world - making each dish a perfectly sumptuous and enticing experience.

Ruby Jack’s is set to become even more of a game-changer among foodies with this exciting promo. To learn more about the promo, you can visit their official Facebook page at

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