Thursday, October 19, 2017

Japanese fusion dining at 10 Ronin

10 Ronin, a name so intriguing, and full of mystery, you would wonder is that a movie coming up? Or is it the next codename for a mystery hangout, so what is 10 Ronin.  10 Ronin is not your usual Japanese restaurant thing, it packs a lot of creativity, flavors, Filipino inspiration and a fusion of Japanese and Filipino dishes like no other.

Situated in a quaint residential area in Makati, you would not know that there is indeed a 10 Ronin in this area, you'd be surprised to find this hole in the wall place in Makati.

10 Ronin is the brainchild of Mr. Vincent Juanta, one of the owners, and also behind great hole in the wall restaurants such as Kanto Breakfast, Lime 88 and Calderon and Gueverra, presents a variety of food options literally not available in any other Japanese restaurants.  

Their food selections are divided in to Small Plates, Don Buri Silogs, Charcoal Grilled Yakitoris, Ramen, Maki, Tempura, Main Plates, Kuchi Katsu, and side orders.

Small plates are the so called appetizers and here are some of our favorites. 

Spiced Crispy Onion Frizzles (P95)

Onion rings are a thing of the past.. welcome Onion Frizzles!!!  Crisp to the bite then dip in to the sweet sauce for that amazing treat.

Tinapa Kani Salad with Salted Egg Sauce (P175)

A mix of Kani, cucumber, mango and lettuce, showered with tinapa bites, makes for a salty yet balanced salad to blend with the sweetness of the Kani, Japanese Mayo and Mango

Agedashi Tokwa't Baboy with Onion Salad (P150)

Silken Tofu with crispy pigs ear and shoyu vinegar, not your usual Agedashi Tofu, indeed you can see the creativity and thought put into making 10 Ronin's dishes, just amazing how they come up with such fusion dishes.

Ronin Sisig Crispy Nori Taco (P150)

This has got to be my most favorite small plate at 10 Ronin, One order will never be enough for me, who can even think of making Nori, Taco like right?  Crispy Sisig, Salsa, Furikake and Negi, make for a perfect recipe... may I vote for you to be the next dish discovery?  

Next up is our Don Buri Silogs, Japan's famous Don Buri, plus the unrivalled silogs of Manila, that is the concept behind Don Buri Silogs.  All priced at only P195, you get a bowl full of rice with your favorite toppings, from U.S. Beef Tapa, to Chicken Teriyaki Adobo Glaze, to Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl, as well as the classic Katsudon and Oyakudon.

Ronin U.S. Beef Tapa Gyudon (P195)
with 65 degree egg and pickles on the side

Charcoal Grilled Yakitori (2pcs)

Grilled to perfection, their Yakitori is priced just right with options of Wagyu Beef (P350), Beef Belly Wrapped Leeks (P100), Bacon Wrapped Chicken Liver (P75), Pork Blood with Salsa (P75), Pig Ear with Sisig Sauce (P75) and Chicken Thigh (P100).

Served hot off the grill, you can smell the goodness from a mile away

Spicy Miso Chicken Tinola Ramen (P175)

Ramen is a must in every menu for a Japanese restaurant and for 10 Ronin, they have nothing short of the best concoctions that the Ramen world has known.

Take a sip of their Spicy Miso Chicken Tinola Ramen, how about their Butter Sweet Corn Beef Nilaga Ramen, or their Bacon and Grilled Adobo Cha Siu Shoyu Ramen, and the Spicy Kimchi Sinigang Ramen.  Their will definitely be a ramen here at 10 Ronin to sooth your taste.

Next up Maki!!! Their maki creations are incredibly original and delectably delicious!  Not just an eye candy but also a satisfying feast for the taste buds.

Bagnet Leek and Cucumber Mang Tomas Mayo Aburi (P185)

Chicharon Flakes with atchara

Ronin Adodo Flakes Maki (P125)

Tamago, pickled cucumber, mango and salted egg sauce

Spicy Tuna Maki with Tempura Batter Flakes (P150)

Fresh Tuna with salmon roe, chili paste and topped with crispy batter

Ronin Cornflake Shrimp Tempura Salted Egg Butter Sauce (P150)

Fried Tempura, fried basil, cornflake powder with salted egg sauce

Anatto Chahan Rice (P75)

Still not full?  Well drown yourself with the Anatto Chahan Rice just to fill your stomach happy!

I was so happy and full with the small plates and maki servings of 10 Ronin, that we didn't even get to the main plates, do try out their Grilled Miso Marinated Pork, Wagyu Bistek Butter Salpicao with Crispy Garlic or their Bagnet Japanese Curry and give me a buzz on how good they are.

Heard that they also have new dishes such as 10 Ronin's Crispy Pata and more.

Make the time and visit 10 Ronin for that unusual Japanese Fusion experience, also an additional fact is that the place is not air-conditioned, thus their operating schedule.  Still I promise you that place is worth your time and visit.  See you at 10 Ronin!

4357 Montojo, Makati, 1205 Metro Manila
Hours: 5:00PM–12:00AM

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