Monday, July 31, 2017

Korean Food Festival at Marriott Cafe

Marriott Cafe brings to Manila authentic Korean favorites with the Korean Food Festival

Marriott Cafe, Marriott Hotel Manila's All-day buffet restaurant brings in flavors of Korea with the Korean Food Festival.  Featuring the best and most authentic Korean gastronomic experience to Manila.  

Marriott Cafe flew in a team of 4 esteemed chefs namely Lee Yong Taek, Lee Youn Chul, Byung Eok An,  and Jeun Gi Nyeo, from one of the largest and famous resorts in Seoul, Elysian Gangchon, so that they may bring in the most authentic food experience to all diners of Marriott Cafe.

Korea, a country known for their very rich culture, K-pop idols, K-dramas, their innovation on cars and mobile technology makes the world go round, I can't even imagine a world without Korea nowadays, they have definitely made a mark in the world, but what entices me more is how they make their food so good and so appetizing!  

Who hasn't heard of Kimchi, Samgyupsal, Korean Barbecue to name a few, they sure know how to enliven one's palate.  From the days of the emperors of Korea to the modern Korean family, Marriott Cafe prides itself as it brings in favorites from Korea to Manila.

Now let's start with Kimchi... Kimchi is the national dish of Korea, served anytime, anywhere, every household in Korea has their own version on how to make their own Kimchi, but Kimchi as a whole is salted and fermented vegetables, with a variety of seasoning such as chili powder to give that spicy delicious kick in every mouthful.  Marriott Cafe features Kimchi from different regions of Korea, which are colorful and flavorful.

Bossam Kimchi ( Wrapped Kimchi )

Sogogi Buchu Salad (Salad with Rib Eye and Chives)

Classic Kimchi

Other Korean favorites include the Japchae, which is stir fried glass noodles with pork and vegetables with a sweet taste, the ever famous Beef Bulgogi (Korean Beef Barbeque) and Deep Fried Chicken.  


Beef Bulgogi

Deep Fried Chicken

And let's not forget the delicious pancakes of Korea, the Haemul Pajeon or simply scallion cakes with seafood.

Haemul Pajeon
(Seafood and Vegetable Pancake)

Another Korean favorite is their Bibimbap!  Probably one of the most well-known and most loved dish to many Koreans and even foreigners alike.  It means mixed rice topped with namul (seasoned vegetables), chili pepper paste, soy sauce and fermented soybean paste, usually topped with a sunny side up egg with additions of meat.  Mix them all together and you get Bibimbap!


So we have covered all the favorites, now let's dig into some meat.  I don't know how they marinate their meats, but their beef and chicken are a sure fire mouth-watering treat!  The soft and tender beef just oozing with flavor and the spiced chicken makes me wanna just have another and another round... please.

 Yang nyeom Salchisal Gui
(Marinated and Grilled Beef)

Yangnyeom dak gui
(Grilled Chicken with spicy sauce)

All in all, Marriott Cafe indeed has brought Korea to Manila with this spectacular Korean Food Festival, no need to fly to Korea to taste the goodness of their dishes.

 Buffet rates for the Korean Food Festival at Marriott Cafe remains the same at P1,900 nett per person for Monday to Saturday lunch; P2,100 nett for Sunday to Thursday dinner; and P2,500 nett for Friday and Saturday dinner plus Sunday brunch. 

Marriott Cafe is located at the Ground Floor of Marriott Hotel Manila in Resorts World Manila, Pasay City, Philippines.  For reservations, please call (+632) 988-9999.

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