Thursday, June 30, 2016

My June favorites at S&R

June is one of least favorite months of the year.. why?  Cause traffic is back in full swing as some schools are still on June opening class, so expect the worst when August swings in when almost all schools are already operating.  Well, let's make cheer ourselves up this June with my favorites from my most loved S&R Membership shopping store.

 Coffee!!! Yup love coffee, and yes even though there are a lot of instant coffee like 3-in-1 out there, nothing beats a good brewed hot cup of coffee, so I would recommend this Deli Chef Coffee Maker, good coffee made all the time now priced now at only P8,989.95 from P14,989.95

 Or Get the complete package with the Coffeemaker Bundle Pack with Braun Grind and Brew, from grinding beans to making the perfect coffee cup everytime!  Priced drop to P5,529.95 from P7,304.95

Need to take your coffee out, then get the Mr. Coffee Mocha Tumbler for only P299.95 and it's Buy 1 Take 1, good deal right?

Other great deals we found which I just can't resist sharing, take a good look!
 This Keter Mega 4-set Organizer Case is heaven sent!  Now priced at P999.95 from P1,199.95 is such a great buy!  Durable and easy to stack, perfect for every Dad, perfect for every home.

 The ultimate solution to your tools storage concerns, every dad's dream case, if mommies have make-up cases then we have this!  The Keter Master Cart Toolbox Trolley, now at only P1,549.95 is such a great buy.  Now you don't have to look anywhere else to check your tools.

Wow that was a fast June, and guess what we have passed half the year already, excited to start the 2nd half of the year with more surprise finds here at S&R Membership Shopping


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  1. I think the machine looks great and the single or double shot feature is great. I think it's a great price for a coffee machine that has all those features and looks so smart. Rosie C. Jackson

  2. My wife and I love coffee and we were very specific about what we wanted in a coffee maker or cappucino machine: bought Braun KF600 and love it, It uses water filters which I do believe improve the taste.


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