Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We are Summer Fun Ready with S&R this March!

One hot summer coming up!!! Yup you can feel the heat indeed, summer is definitely here, but fret not for S&R Membership shopping has got everything for you to be summer ready this March til the hotter months of May

So what does summer have in store you? Well, what else but out of town trips, vacations and trips to the beach!  So get your gear ready and enjoy the best time of your lives.

Chill out in the hot summer sun as Curver Cool Box 22L and Igloo Island Breeze box keeps your favorite drinks at its coldest always!  The Curver Cool Box is now only P799.95 from P1,099.95 and the Igloo Island Breeze 9qts is now only P899.95 from P1099.95 as well.
Make your very own punch and fruit drinks to serve to family and guests with this 8 liter Gallery Dispenser with Infuser for P1,099.95 from P1,299.95, perfect not just for summer but for all occasions.

Barbecue it your way with Barbecook Basic Black Griller now at only P3,999.95 from P5,499.95, now you can grill all your favorite foods such as burgers, steaks, hotdogs and everything else with ease.

Enjoy the summer heat and relax with these Coleman Kickback foldable chairs available in Red and Lime for P1,599.95 each, now kick back and enjoy the moment.

Now you're all ready for summer!  Batangas, Boracay, La Union here we come!  Glad I made this trip to S&R before heading out, now I know I am summer ready!  See you at the beach!


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