Sunday, February 7, 2016

Celebrate the Year of the Monkey at Crystal Jade Dining IN

Crystal Jade Dining In

Celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey at Crystal Jade Dining IN

Experience the worldwide celebration of the Year of the Monkey at Crystal Jade Dining IN! Usher in good luck and auspicious tidings throughout 2016 with our newest offering!

 Yu Sheng, also known as Prosperity Toss Salad, signifies abundance, prosperity and vigor, and is meant to be shared with loved ones to attract greater luck and wealth for the year ahead.

Crystal Jade Dining In

Prosperity Toss Salad Yu Sheng

Crystal Jade Dining In

Just look how we get to toss it!!! The higher and more diverse the toss the better, this is to bring you good health and prosperity, so dig in!
Crystal Jade Dining In

Double-boiled Crab Claw Soup with 
Superior mushroom in Fresh Coconut

This rich clear soup gives you a blend of flavor-rich mushrooms in sweet coconut juices, then dunked in by steamed crab claw, makes this soup dish something more than wonderful to have, refreshing and nourishing.

Crystal Jade Dining In

Roast Sucking Pig (half)

This dish needs no introduction, from the crisp suckling pig skin to the juicy meat, you can never go wrong with this.

Crystal Jade Dining In

Cabbage wrapped with sauteed Bamboo shoot 
and Black Moss

Start the year right and eat healthy with Cabbage Wrapped with Sauteed Bamboo Shoot & Black Moss. Take a bite and be surprised by the crunchy feel of bamboo shoot delicately wrapped in cabbage and stuffed with black moss and fresh mushroom.

Crystal Jade Dining In

Treasure Pot

A symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity and unity, Crystal Jade Dining IN’s Treasure Pot “Pen Cai” is a must for your Chinese New Year celebration! This regal bowl brimming with various Chinese delicacies will steal the spotlight and surely satisfy the most discerning palate.

Crystal Jade Dining In

Golden Fried Glutinous Rice with 
Crab Meat and Salted Egg Yolk

The first time I have ever encountered salted egg being used to fry rice, amazingly good!  Actually I can't stop myself from having more, you got to have some to experience this great rice concoction.
Crystal Jade Dining In

Flourishing Fortune Glutinous Rice Cake

Crystal Jade Dining In

Desserts galore!

Crystal Jade Dining In

Crystal Jade Special Tikoy 

Revel in the elegance of Crystal Jade Dining IN’s newest dish as your family partakes a meal of good food for your Chinese New Year gathering.

Set menus are available today until February 28, 2016. Prices start at P10,800+.
Crystal Jade Dining IN
7th Ave. corner 20th St. 
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila

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