Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 30 is KFC Delivery Fans Day!!!!

Come join the fun as we celebrate KFC Delivery Fans Day on September 30 

It's a date to remember!  More reasons to love love love KFC!  On September 30, KFC fans will be treated to a day of freebies and treats at KFC declares this day as KFC Delivery Fans Day!

On September 30, customers who has reached the P300 purchase will have free delivery charge.  Those who will order on the day online or thru delivery hotline will get a free 1.5L of Coke, while those who will pre-order between September 20 to 29 for a September 30 delivery via the hotline will get a 1-piece chicken meal FREE!

Watch out for the KFC Delivery Parade in Pampanga, Cavite, Cebu and Davao, joined by Colonel Sanders and KFC friendly riders who will be giving away free items.

Enjoy your KFC treats with their unique innovations such as the Chizza, a pizza with a fried chicken crust, and KFC Famous Bowl, a serving of mashed potatoes topped with sweet corn, bite-sized crispy chicken, home-style gravy and three cheese blend.

Don't let September 30 pass without being rewarded.  Indulge and order any KFC meal and score these FREE treats.  Visit or call KFC Delivery hotline at 887-8888.  Tag @KFCPhilippines on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #KFCDeliveryFansDay

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  1. I always seem to give up what I want when others want. . Not a good thing, no. Might be an honorable trait, but not �good�. The only time I would call this good is IF and only if those you always put before yourself practice the same as you.. . Too much of anything, including love, sharing and all the other positives is not healthy. Life is about balance. Give and take, share and receive etc.. . It is wonderful that you put others before yourself, but you must take into account hat you are somebody too and you are to get your share no matter what that share is at the time. Sometimes we have to put ourselves first OR we find ourselves asking the question in which you have here. We could later find ourselves resentful, unappreciated and disrespected for example. We could accidentally become a doormat to even those that do not realize they are taking advantage. KFC wednesday offer

  2. Wow KFC fans day, I really need this type of offers once again why because kfc is best in quality and I really love to eat their items I once order kfc on kfc wednesday offer page at shopozo and I got great deal.


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