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Livestock in Quezon City where good friends and Crispy Pata meet!


Livestock, the so-called "Pork Heaven" is a must visit when you dine-in at Quezon City, why Pork Heaven?  Well, this is home to their famous Crispy Pata, so crisp and tender, you can literally cut it open with a Popsicle stick!  

  I'm serious, at first I was skeptical and thought it was just for decoration purposes and when the action started going, I find myself in awe and excitement as I smell the aroma and hear the crisp skin crack with every slice, join me in this food discovery, and maybe you'll find yourself dining at this Pork wonderland really soon!

Livestock opened late last year and already has a flock of followers doing regular weekend gigs, drinking the night away, what many do no know is that they serve really great food here!  Notably their love for pork is just plain insane!  

But other than their pork dishes, they whip up a great deal of other healthy dishes (I think), that you may find amazingly good as well.

Shrimp Puffs (P290)

Mildly spiced breaded shrimp popcorns with Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise dip, these appetizers are crisp fried to a tender, with so much flavor that I wanted to have it all to myself, but well I was saving my stomach space for something even mmm... better? Hehe (evil smile)

Pig Wings (P320 for 3 pcs/ P440 for 5 pcs)

Crisp fried bacon wrapped chicken wings in buffalo sauce, and now the bacon starts, I mean the fun starts.
Livestocks Caesar Salad (P230)

For salads, you may opt for the healthy? Livestock Caesar Salad, a hefty serving good for 3, is their very own mix of Romaine lettuce in creamy coddled Caesar dressing topped with Crispy Pork Belly ( well they tried to balance it out right?)

Seafood Laksa Soup (P290)

A seafood soup made perfect with fragrant, spicy laksa broth with a hint of refreshing sourness, is the right recipe that Filipinos will definitely love.  Balancing the right sour and spice is a tricky thing but Livestock made it the best rice partner... rice please!
Rich Man's Pot (P350)

A rice pot of epic proportions, fit for a king.  Loaded with 8 treasure ingredients with pork ribs and an assortment of the freshest vegetables, this dish kinda is like a deconstructed ma-chang (Chinese glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves with pork and chicken)

With generous amounts of pork, Chinese sausages, veggies and eggs, this is not just a rich man's pot, but rather a pot worthy of a king!
 12-hour Roast Beef (P378)

For the beef lovers, fret not Livestock has not forgotten about you.  Feast on this US Angus beef slow roasted with aromatic flavors and then charred Churrasco style

Livestock Crackling Pork Belly
(P290 for 300gm, P490 for 500gm, and P895 per 1 kilo)

Just say how much you can eat, and Livestock would gladly serve it for you!  One thing I can guarantee about Livestock is that they have perfected the art of serving pork dishes, and the Crackling Pork Belly is proof no. 1 that they indeed are one of the finest in the metro.

While everybody was still busy with the other dishes, I took the liberty of getting the knife and slowly cut through the crisp skin and portioned my belly to a minimum trying to enjoy every bit of it as it rolls down my taste palettes.  And it was indeed a very satisfying moment.

Stuffed with fresh herbs and roasted to a crisp, then dipped in either lechon sauce or spiced vinegar, any which way, I would say this is one of the best roast pork belly indeed in the metro, kudos to you chef!

Melts-in-your-mouth Crispy Pata (P590)

If there is one dish that would take Livestock places, then this is it!  The Crispiest, most tender Crispy Pata you will ever taste in this lifetime, that you can even slice it with a popsicle stick, I kid you not!  See how it is done.


Just by the look at how he easily slices through that crisp skin with the popsicle stick, oozing out that sweet aroma of the crispy pata, one can't help but salivate at this sight.

After all that has been done, now we can finally enjoy this fantastically amazing Crispy Pata treat.  Now I got to shut up and start munching, there might not be any left for me. It's Crispy Pata time!

After that unbelievable meal, you'd all think that was it, but they thought of it all, and they just love pork so much that they made dessert even more sinful, preseting

Livestock Bacon Ice Cream

As the name implies, it's vanilla ice cream infused with bacon bits on top of crisp french toast, talk about tempting desserts, this definitely takes the cake!  And they really taste good too.  Try it out and tell me if you can resist not getting another serving of this.

Be sure to visit Livestock, the next time you do chance by Quezon City, I promise you will enjoy every porky bit of it!  See you there!

34 Sgt. Esguerra Ave., Brgy. South Triangle
Quezon City
(02) 332 0409

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