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Osaka Ohsho World's No. 1 Gyoza arrives in Manila SM Megamall

Osaka Ohsho 7
Osaka Ohsho  - The King of Gyoza arrives in Manila

What is a Gyoza? Well for those who have yet to encounter gyoza, which is highly unlikely, unless you have been sleeping all through these years.  Gyoza is a Japanese name for dumplings, which originated from China which is why they are quite similar with the Chinese dumplings.  

Difference between a gyoza and dumpling?  Dumplings are either fried or steamed, while gyoza are steamed first then pan fried to give that crisp crust on one side everytime you munch on it.

Enter Osaka Ohsho, the world’s #1 restaurant specializing in gyoza or Japanese dumplings.  What started as a humble gyoza stand in Osaka in 1969 has now grown to more than 360 locations across Japan, together with a rapidly growing network of international branches.   Known as “The King of Gyoza from Osaka”, the concept has finally made its way to the Philippines, with the first location now open at the third floor of SM Megamall’s new Fashion Hall (Building D). 

We were very happy to have tried Osaka Ohsho a week after their opening and let me share with you guys what we have experienced.
Osaka Ohsho 3

We tried their set menus which included miso soup, sides, rice and of course gyoza.  First off, we tried their miso soup, I felt its cleansing taste, not too sour and not too salty, probably one of the miso soups I would regularly come back to.

Osaka Ohsho 8

On the side was Crab Cream Croquette (P225 / 2pcs).  I loved the bechamel sauce, and how crisp the croquette was made, but I somehow did not taste the crab in it

Osaka Ohsho 5

Next came the surprise of the day!  Black Vinegar Chicken (P325), somehow similar to Chicken Karaage but infused with black vinegar gave it a whole new twist.  Deep fried then stir-fried with fresh onion and pepper.  Many might not get used to the taste, but this one is definitely one you must order.  The taste of the chicken is just so amazing, once you take a bite, the soury and sweet flavor combine, as the meat melts in your mouth, and such an enticing experience.

Osaka Ohsho 4

Chahan (P240), is not part of the set menus which usually has while Koshihikari rice included which is also very very good!  Unlike other chahan Japanese restos serve, Osaka Ohsho gives your money's worth with generous servings of meat slices, to add more flavor to every bite
Osaka Ohsho 10
Next is the highlight of our meal, Osaka Ohsho's Gyoza!

Look at how good it looks!  Pan fried gyoza made by the World's No. 1 Gyoza restaurant.  I can already hear the ooohs and aaahs.  Osaka Ohsho gives us 3 flavors of Gyoza to feast our taste buds on.

Osaka Ohsho 9

Original Gyoza (P175 / 6 pcs, P350 / 12 pcs.)
Cheese Gyoza (P190 / 6 pcs, P380 / 12 pcs.)
Nori Gyoza (P190 / 6 pcs, P380 / 12 pcs.)

Osaka Ohsho 16

Crisp crust gyoza buttom, gives out that burnt taste which is both sweet and flavorful, made with a special mix of three pork cuts, combined with ginger, garlic and cabbage. 

Osaka Ohsho 12

Also offered in Osaka Ohsho is Kushi Age Katsu (P335), is a combination of deep fried Japanese favorites which includes vegetables as well ebi, tori and gyoza.

Osaka Ohsho 11

Another treat to enjoy is the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (P310), Koshihikari rice topped with soft egg omelette ladled generously with gravy, I admit I'm not a fan of eggs, but this omelette rice I got to love!  I can't seem to be able to stop myself from eating, good thing I was so full from the gyoza.

Osaka Ohsho 14

Can't get enough of Osaka Ohsho's gyoza?  Take home the goodness of the World's No. 1 Gyoza in specially made boxes to satisfy your cravings.

Osaka Ohsho 13Osaka Ohsho 13

Enjoy their line-up of desserts, with Banana tempura with Japanese ice cream or Japanese parfait with servings of Green Matcha and Black Sesame ice cream flavors.

Osaka Ohsho 15

Precision and craft is ensured in every gyoza that is made, making sure you get the same authentic gyoza as if you were in Osaka.

Osaka Ohsho 2

Osaka Ohsho 1

Best of all, prices at Osaka Ohsho are wallet friendly, with the sets starting as low as P270.   All sets come with 3 pieces of gyoza, miso soup, a fruit plate and unlimited steamed Koshihikari rice, one of the most prized short grain rice varieties milled only in Japan. 

Try Osaka Ohsho today and taste the world’s #1 gyoza. To learn more about Osaka Ohsho, like us on Facebook via or follow us on Instagram via @OsakaOhshoPH.    

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