Friday, October 25, 2013

Surprise in an egg shell.. Kinder Joy!

  Kinder Joy brings a surprise to every kid in us, 
Kinder Joy now in the Philippines!

 So what is Kinder Joy?  Some of you may have already known this, but for some, it may be your first time.  So what is inside a Kinder Joy?  Well, now we are giving you a crash course, haha.  This egg-shaped wonder cracks me up!  Let's crack open one now!

Crack open a Kinder Joy, and you will see it split in half, the other a surprise in every egg, the other the mouth watering Kinder Joy treat, so what do we open first?  Of course the surprise treat!

 So what have we got?  You get to see parts that you need to assemble together with your other Kinder Joy half-egg.  Neat yeah!  Please take time to read the instructions on how to assemble your treat, it would be a lot easier for you if you do so.

And we're finished!  So it's a magnifying glass!  Get to learn and experiment with these Kinder Joy treats, you'd love how creative these guys are, and how much can they really fit in an egg half-shell, amazing indeed.  Now after the treat is another treat!

Rich thin layers of white chocolate, then another gooey layer of hazelnut chocolate over two crisp chocolate coated balls,  I thought at first that the toy was the surprise, boy am I wrong, it still surprises me these Kinder Joy was the treat!  The two crisp balls, somewhat like a Ferrero, takes the cake.  "Panalo" it took me less than 3 minutes to finish it, so unbelievably chocolatey.  Now I'm excited to open my Kinder Joy, 2 treats in one!

Get your Kinder Joy at your favorite department stores and supermarkets nationwide, priced at only P45 each, you get to enjoy two treats in one!  A wonderful surprise!

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