Friday, April 20, 2012

Sariwon Korean Barbecue - authentic bulgogi is now in Manila


Sariwon, Korea's authentic bulgogi 
now in Manila

After my recent trip to Korea, coming back home to have a Korean treat is more than welcoming.  Tracing back the roots of Soriwon, Mrs. Bun-Im Koo, in the town of Soriwon in North Korea, concocted a unique broth recipe for Korean traditional beef barbecue or bulgogi to ease the afflictions of her diabetic husband.

What has been Mrs. Koo's signature flavor is now Korea's best-tasting beef barbecue.  Opening her first restaurant in 1938, and awarded "Best Korean Restaurant" by NBC Broadcasting Company in 2005 and "Best Korean Restaurant: by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in 2007, Sariwon's galbi (Korean barbecued beef short ribs) has also been cited by the NY Times as "the most tender and succulent in Seoul".


We were greeted with great Korean smiles saying "Anya Haseyo"  And I just so love the golden plated Korean chopsticks and spoon, and be amazed by those little tissue tabs that gets bigger as water is poured through, love it.


And as with any Korean restaurant all over the world, appetizers are served, from Soriwon's very own made fresh everyday kimchi, imported Korean bean sprouts, dillies, potato-squash mash and house salad, is sure to kick up your appetite.


Now on the grille, Seng Galbi, US Prime beef short ribs (P780), served with mushrooms on the side


Grilled to perfection, and cut by our table server, dipped in Korean bean paste, wrapped in lettuce and a bite, gave me a smile.  The grille prime beef was tasty, succulent, soft to the bite and probably the best Seng Galbi I have ever had, marinated to sip in the flavor, it would be as if I had a bite at Seoul's Sariwon.


Other dishes that are on the menu include Dak Galbi (Chicken BBQ) P350, pan fried chicken with a tangy bbq taste, not spicy at all with a hint of sweetness, Doenjang Chigae (P250) is Korean soup with soybean paste, tofu and vegetables, served with rice.

Also pictured on top of this post is Dolsot Bibimbap P380, which is also a classic Korean favorite.


Jap Chae (P350) - Korean vermicelli, stir fried with sesame oil with various vegetables, mushrooms, flavored with soy sauce


Sariwon Bulgogi P545, thinly sliced US beef, served with potato noodles


Cooked atop, a steamboat like pan, poured with Sariwon's signature soup concoction, slow cooked to taste, is definitely a must try.  Take a sip of their sweet soup base with potato noodles, I had second and third servings, I just couldn't get enough.


And to end the night, enjoy Sariwon's rice tea dessert, Shikhye, sweet and tasty, as long as it took to make this, was how fast I got to finish it, with soft rice and dates, was indeed refreshing.


Enjoy many food treats Korean, and spend the night with friends and Soju, such as their own mix of Sangria Soju (P195), Lychee Sojutini (P140), Cherry Sojutini (P140)


Have a taste of authentic Korean Bulgogi at Sariwon, now open at Bonifacio High Street Central

Sariwon Korean Barbecue
7th Avenue corner 29th Street,
Bonifacio High Street Central
Taguig City

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  1. Oh wow! I love Korean food, this looks like a great place to try out.


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