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Sa Kanto - enjoy streetside food without the guilt + Winner of Whirlpool 100 Recipe's Cookbook


Sa Kanto at The Podium

But before we go into that, I would like to congratulate the winner of our Whirlpool 100 Recipe's cookbook.  After a random draw, our winner is no other than

Ms. Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

Congratulations!  You just won for yourself a limited edition Whirlpool 100 Recipe's Cookbook.  Please expect an email from me, on how you could pick up your prize... and so back to our post.


Sa Kanto, so you wonder why the name?  Well "Sa Kanto" in English would mean "at the corner".  That is what we usually say or go to when we look for well, street food.  And Sa Kanto offers a wide array of treats that most of us, because of hygienic purposes, are depriving ourselves of.

We pass by those carts everyday selling those chicken balls, fish balls, isaw, quek quek, one-day old, quikiam ahh... your thinking I would want one of those treats, but seeing the pollution around and the dipping, we can't help ourselves but be afraid that we might get our stomachs upset.  And so with that in mind, Sa Kanto gave us what our tastes have been craving for.

Presenting Sa Kanto street foods - 


Crisp crablets (P260)
You simply have to order this, you won't find this on the streets but these are awesome, battered and crisp topped with potato strings, simply made my day


Fried Isaw (P80)
Chicken intestines deep fried to a crisp with sinamak, has got to be one of the most sought after treats here, as it is on the streets


Fish balls - 5 sticks (P80) and Kwek Kwek (P110) 
by far the most prominent and the best selling across the streets of the metro, if you haven't tried this on the streets, this is by far the cleanest you would have in the whole metro


Dynamite (P250) 
 got its name obviously because of how it looks and by golly it's hot, those who love spicy food, this is definitely your treat, beefy goodness wrapped in pepper and deep fried to a golden crisp, it was quite hot for me, I only took a bite and surrendered


Chicharon Bulaklak (P220)
Pork intestines deep fried, deadly but delicious, many have fallen gaga over this treat.  Dip in white vinegar brings heaven's door closer to you with every bite (I'm serious!)

But Filipino treats aren't just street foods, Sa Kanto also offers Filipino comfort foods that you don't usually have at home, or just thinking of it? You miss having at home.


 Ensalandng Mangga (P150) on the left and  
Ensaladang Ampalaya (P145) on the right
An unforgettable appetizer to tickle your taste buds, actually some Filipinos can't even eat if without these tasteful treats, pair it up with white rice and you'll never go wrong


Ilo-Ilo's Pancit Molo (P170)

Filipino pork dumplings simmered and loved by generations


Pork Sisig (P290)
Just eat this, you would thank me for it, for those who know what this is made up of, you know how good this tastes, so just keep munching


Crispy Pla-pla (P350) served with Buro dip


Crispy Tadyang (P445)
Beef ribs fried that falls of the bone, soft and tender, one of my favorites


Chicken Ginataan (P285)
Chicken and papaya stewed in coconut cream and herbs and chilis


Pork Binagoongan (P325)
Pork belly in shrimp paste served with fried eggplant


Sa Kanto Spicy eggplant (P180)
Sauteed eggplant in olive oil, garlic and chili


Laing (P200)
A favorite Filipino vegetable dish inspired by the Ilocanos, spiced taro leaves in coconut cream


Sa Kanto Chicken Wings (P280)
Ginger glazed chicken wings


Adobo Red Rice (P100)
Kanin pa lang ULAM na... literally speaking, full of flavor with strands of adobo and cooked in adobo flavor, a must-try! Healthy and delicious


Leche Flan (P150) 
 for dessert, like custard but much creamier, a perfect ender to a full meal

And don't forget Turon with langka sauce (P120)
Banana and langka wrapped and fried, drizzled with caramel sauce




After having a bountiful dinner, stick around as they also serve your favorite bar drinks, so you can eat away and have a great time with friends and family.

Visit Sa Kanto by Il Ponticello at The Podium to enjoy their lunch specials as well.

Sa Kanto, The Podium
G/F, The Podium Mall, 
12 ADB Ave., Mandaluyong City
Tel No. (02) - 477-9045

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  1. Thanks a lot, looking forward to receiving the cookbook. More power to The Food Alphabet!

  2. omg sarap naman nung fishballs & crispy tadyang!

  3. I like everything here! But those fish balls and qwek-qwek are way too expensive!!! LOL!

  4. Had lunch there with my family today. Although the food is good, I find it overvalued because the servings are small. Serving is good for 2 pax only.

  5. nice :)

    but the qwek qwek are too expensive... :p

  6. The food looks great though a bit pricey! Nice pics! :)

  7. Very interesting!!! I will check this out in Podium, next time I'm there :)

    Between Bites


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