Thursday, July 7, 2022

Sichu Malatang, opens in SM Mall of Asia to satisfy more cravings! Plus 50% off opening offer you must not miss!


Sichu Malatang opens in SM Mall of Asia!

Opening today July 8, Sichu Malatang brings their lip numbing, delectable, hot and spicy malatang hotpot to reach more people and to satisfy more cravings.  Sichu Malatang, a home grown brand started serving their malatang specials at their first branch in Double Dragon Plaza, since 3 years ago.  And I can't believe I only tried Sichu Malatang now, where have I been these 3 years...

It all started with Jeff Li, the owner of Sichu Malatang, who fell in love with the Sichuan way of hot pot, with its unique style of preparing hot pot and their way of levelling up the spiciness to your liking, thus he just got to bring the experience to Manila.

Sichu Malatang promises to bring the genuine Sichuan experience to you with every visit you have at their store.  So let us show you the way..

Step 1 - Pick your bowl and tongs

Available are 3 kinds of bowls, the smallest one, being the solo serving, the middle sized one, which is good for 3 - 4 people, and the biggest bowl of them all, is good for a family of 5 and up!  Choose wisely!

Now we go to Step 2 - Choose your veggies and meats

Step 3 - Choose your noodles and balls

They have everything that you want and more!  Their selections are vast and fresh, from noodles, mushrooms, to your favorite balls, like fish balls, squid balls, cheese balls, lobster balls and so much much more. 

They also have crabs, shrimps, beef and pork slices.

Pick whatever you like and fill up that bowl, or you can ask assistance from the attentive and knowledgeable servers and ask for opinions on what to get to and enjoy.

Step 4 - Grab A Drink

Tickle you fancy, and try out new drinks from their chiller, to cool you down as you enjoy Sichu Malatang's hot pot.

Then while at it, why don't you get a hold of these street food sides as well to munch on, go grab the Chinese sausage, it's so awesomely good!

After all that picking, bring your stash to the counter, so that they will weigh in all that you have picked, and yes you get charged by the weight!  So it all depends on your appetite that day, on how much you want to enjoy.

Pick your way of cooking and choose your heat!

Choose your way of cooking, Malatang means Mala Hot Pot cooking, or Malaxiangguo which is Stir Fried with Mala.  Then choose how spicy you want it.  I for one am not really good at spicy foods, so I tried the mild spicy, just to be on the safe side.

So they prepare and cook your stash to your liking by their chefs, who are from Sichuan, so you'd know you are getting the genuine taste of Sichuan. 

So this is what I had...

Malaxiangguo with all flavorful seafoods

Sides I had were small shrimps, Chinese Sausage, fried crab legs and fried chicken strips

And my Malatang Hotpot special in a bowl

Honestly, I was hesitant to try this at first, as I fear I would not be able to take in the spiciness, but to my surprise, it was extremely good and flavorful and of course, Spicy!!!

The spiciness kicked in just right, giving you more appetite to enjoy it more, I was surprised how I was able to finish it all up, but yes, it was a clean bowl.

Sichu Malatang has just the right vibe of a modern Chinese Sichuan restaurant, showcasing a lot of colors

You'd feel like you were transported to a back alley at Sichuan China, and enjoying their Malatang.

So try them out and enjoy the authentic Sichuan Malatang experience at Sichu Malatang in SM Mall of Asia, but wait!

This should give you more reason to rush out on their opening day today.  

Sichu Malatang is offering a 50% off for the First 50 Diners for 5 Days at their SM Mall of Asia branch, so that's July 8th up to July 12th!  Bring your friends and family along, and get some spiciness!

Now get your butt moving, and get those lips numbing with Sichu Malatang!

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