Saturday, November 13, 2021

McDonald's brightens up the holidays with the launch of its Ube Pastillas and Brazo desserts

Taste the festive and Filipino-inspired holiday desserts of McDonald's Philippines

As the holiday season draws near, more Filipinos are looking forward to celebrating by sharing the light and happiness to their loved ones despite being apart. Luckily, McDonald’s is here to bring back a taste of that signature Pinoy Christmas through the new festive and Filipino-inspired holiday desserts!

Combining Filipinos’ sweet tooth and love for the holidays, McDonald’s is adding a Pinoy twist to their best-tasting desserts with some crowd-favorite Filipino desserts. For ube lovers, indulge in McDonald’s take on the sugary delicacy with the Ube Pastillas Sundae and Ube Pastillas Frappe, while you can enjoy the sweet, creamy, and delicate flavor of Brazo de Mercedes with McDonald’s various renditions of the classic cake: the Brazo Sundae, Brazo Frappe, or Brazo Iced Coffee! Those looking for the classic taste of sweetness and warmth can also grab a cup of McDonald’s Hot Chocolate, perfect for cozy Ber-month mornings.

Enjoy the Pinoy twist to McDonald's best-tasting desserts with some crowd-favorite Filipino desserts 

It’s never too early to start the holiday season! Brighten up and sweeten the holiday celebrations with the new McDonald’s Ube Pastillas and Brazo desserts—available for a limited time only.

Taste the festive twist to McDonald’s desserts by ordering via Dine-In, Take Out, Ride-Thru or via delivery through McDelivery, Grab or foodpanda! Follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, and Viber to stay up to date on all McDonald’s announcements.

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