Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Secret it out! - New items from McDonald's Secret Menu are out!

New Secret Menu items are out!!

Do you know there is a secret menu at McDonald's?  It has been there all this while and they have kept their secret oh so well, until now!  How is it a secret, apparently, the secret menu is not visibly displayed in the store, it is not offered, nor is it promoted religiously by McDonald's

So why on Earth a secret menu!!!  These is McDonald's way to treat all you McDonald's fanatics out there! Those die hards who look and enjoy every treat that McDonald's Philippines has to offer.

This secret menu has been offered before, but everyone thought it has ended, but did you know it never stopped!!  Hahaha, now they are adding two more new options!

The Double Big Mac and BCB (Beef Chicken Beef)

Everyone knows the Big Mac... how fulfilling it is and just like that we double the fun, we double the patty, we double the love with The Double Big Mac, Go for the kill!

And the new BCB, Beef Patty, Mc Chicken Patty and another Beef Patty, so let your imagination run wild and feast on this new found fantasy of your all your favorites at McDonald's.

The Double Big Mac and BCB joins the secret menu regulars Double Quarter Pounder, Triple Cheeseburger and Double Mc Chicken.

My favorite, the Double Quarter Pounder!!! Half a pound of unrelenting beefy goodness!  So come on over to your favorite McDonald's store and order from the secret menu, and fulfill your fantasy and your cravings!


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