Monday, September 24, 2018

Mooncakes with a twist at Shangri-La at The Fort

It's time to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Feast once more!  One of most celebrated feasts in Chinese traditions and is spreading like wild fire across all nations around the globe, is a time of family get togethers, wonderful dinners and of course moon cakes!

Yes, mooncakes! So what exactly are mooncakes?  A mooncake is traditional Chinese Delicacy made by bakeries and Chinese restaurants, made with fillings such as mong beans, nuts, egg yolks, fruits to name a few.. it has been a continuous evolution of great flavors, now to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Shangri-La at the Fort brings to us old favorites and new concoctions of the much loved Mooncake!

This year, Shangri-La at The Fort brings in familiar flavors from the East and new and exciting creations from the West! 

Available in 6 variants, satisfy your cravings with Flaky Pineapple, White Lotus with Salted Egg Yolk, Flaky Red Beans with Pine Nuts, Mixed Nuts plus new flavors Red Velvet and Black Forest.

Packed in these intricately designed boxes, these mooncakes are a sight to see and a taste to indulge.  Priced at P388++ per piece, get to enjoy a slice of tradition and flavor, from the crust to the luscious filling.

 Order a box of 8 at P2,988++ or a box of 12 at P3,988++ and share the love to your loved ones and family

Enjoy this masterful piece of a creation with Mooncakes by Shangri-La at The Fort!  Apart from the favorites, you really got to try the Red Velvet and Black Forest variants, I promise you, they would not disappoint, as a matter of fact, you would be pleasantly delighted.

Order yours today as these are limited items only and may run out really fast!

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