Monday, August 14, 2017

Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia Get Cheesy In New Jollibee Cheesy Yumburger TVC

Want to impress your crush? Whip up a witty pickup line and serve it with the cheesiest Yumburger ever.
This is exactly what young actor Joshua Garcia does in the latest Jollibee TV commercial he stars in, along with his on-screen partner, Julia Barretto. The popular love team takes the thoughtful #SayItWithYum gesture to a new kilig-packed level as they exchange funny yet memorable lines with the new and improved Cheesy Yumburger.
Cheese truly is the way to Julia’s heart, who loves anything from a cheesy line from Joshua to creamy, melted cheese with her favorite langhap-sarap Yumburger.

“I was laughing talaga during the shoot because that line is really something Joshua would say and do,” the young actress shared. “The humor and thoughtfulness, because he knows that the Cheesy Yumburger is something that we both love, really make this kind of gesture nakakakilig and heart-warming for me.”
“Mas masarap at mas masaya talaga ‘pag cheesy,” quipped Joshua. “Especially if it’s melted cheese on my Cheesy Yumburger!”

The Cheesy Yumburger TVC is the love team’s second major project for the country’s biggest fast-food brand.
“We’re truly happy to be part of the Jollibee family,” said Julia. “I’m a true-blue batang Jollibee and I have so many beautiful memories with my loved ones and Jolly favorites. I’m so excited that Joshua is now a part of the growing Jollibee family, because I get to share this experience with him, too.”
“Jollibee is a brand truly close to my heart,” Joshua shared. “I may not have grown up with it like Julia did, but eating their food is a truly Pinoy experience. Ang suwerte nating mga Pinoy dahil may Jollibee na makakapagpasaya, makakapagpakilig, at siyempre makakabusog sa atin!”
The Philippines’ number one langhap­-sarap Yumburger gets a delightfully cheesy upgrade with the Cheesy Yumburger.
Designed to capture the hearts of cheese-loving Pinoys, this new and improved offering boasts of a creamy cheddar cheese melted right on top of Yumburger’s signature 100% beef patty. The melted cheese complemented by soft buns and Jollibee’s special burger dressing, make for an unforgettably cheesy langhap-sarap experience with every bite.
“We at Jollibee are always committed to constant innovation of flavors and dining experiences for our customers,” said Luis Berba, Jollibee Brand Manager for YUM Burgers“The new and improved Cheesy Yumburger is more flavorful and delicious than ever the perfect Jollibee offering for burger lovers who know what they want in a cheeseburger. This is why millennials like Joshua and Julia fell head over heels again with this super cheesy, langhap-sarap treat.”
“The Cheesy Yumburger has always been a favorite of mine because it’s uniquely Pinoy and affordable,” explained Julia. “Isang langhap mo pa lang, alam mong sarap agad ang matitikman mo. And now it’s cheesier than ever! How can you not fall in love with this burger?”
Kumpletong sarap ang matitikman mo dito sa Cheesy Yumburger,” Joshua added. “And it’s made with 100% beef. Amoy pa lang, ang sarap na. Alam mo agad why it’s the best.”
Get your cheese on with the super cheesier, langhap-sarap Cheesy Yumburger, now available for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru in all Jollibee stores nationwide. Prices start at Php45.00.
Prices may vary across different locations.
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