Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday nights are Mad for Wagyu nights at Heat, Edsa Shangri-La

Mad for Wagyu, Heat Edsa Shangri-La
Wagyu Lovers out there!  

Get ready to "meat your match" with Heat's Mad for Wagyu nights!

Excited? We sure are... just as we heard we were spending our Saturday dinner here at Mad for Wagyu, I have been dreaming for the day to arrive and finally after sleepless nights, I'm living my dream.  

I am ready for you Mad for Wagyu!

At first I was thinking maybe we are having some dishes made with Wagyu beef and that's it, I was not really setting my expectations high, but boy was I totally wrong about Mad for Wagyu, it is what you have dreamt it to be and a whole lot more!  
It's like diving into a sea of Wagyu Beef, endless meaty goodness, you would not want it to end, everywhere you look it's all Wagyu and it all starts here...

Mad for Wagyu, Heat Edsa Shangri-La

Tender Wagyu beef patties and Wagyu striploins for the grill station

Mad for Wagyu, Heat Edsa Shangri-La

Just look at the marbling on those Wagyu Stirploins, just amazingly good.

Mad for Wagyu, Heat Edsa Shangri-La

There is even a Wagyu Shawarma station, where you fix it up on pita bread and pour your heart out with hot sauce and white garlic sauces.

Mad for Wagyu, Heat Edsa Shangri-La

Oh my Wagyu!!! Wagyu Prime Rib at its finest, just the mere look on that tender meat, you feel like you have just arrived in Heaven, asking yourself where have you been all my life.

Mad for Wagyu, Heat Edsa Shangri-La

Their Tomahawk Roast Beef is a beast to conquer, after rounds of Prime Rib, there will always be room for Wagyu Roast Beef, pair it up with Red Wine Sauce, brings out the oozzzingly luscious aroma, you will be back for more.

Mad for Wagyu, Heat Edsa Shangri-La

But this one takes my breath away!  Wagyu Beef Dimsum!!!

Xiao Long Bao with Wagyu, Chinese Buns with Wagyu filling... waaaahh!!!

Mad for Wagyu, Heat Edsa Shangri-La

Don't just look, stare on it!  Those Wagyu Beef fillings are so temptingly good, praises to Chef Andy Liew for this amazing creation.

They also have Wagyu specialties on the Japanese station, such as Wagyu topped sushi, and they even have Wagyu themed desserts.

Apart from the great selection of Wagyu meats everywhere in the buffet spread, there is also lots of seafood such as lobsters, shrimps and other offerings, so it's not just for the Wagyu lovers out there.

Mad for Wagyu, Heat Edsa Shangri-La

But other than their great food selections, what makes the experience even more amazing are the people behind the counters, the chefs who make you dining experience all the more amazing.

Mad for Wagyu, Heat Edsa Shangri-La

Mad for Wagyu is available every Saturday dinner at Heat, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm for only P2415 nett per person.

What an unbelievable price!  Take a Wagyu steak anywhere and it costs thousands more! But here you get unlimited servings, now that's a deal you don't see everyday!

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