Friday, November 27, 2015

Making Christmas season more special with Oishi's O, Wow! Christmas bags!!!

It's definitely an Oishi Christmas with Oishi's Cuckoo Bag and Weeshee Bag!

O, Wow! moments are coming with its delicious array of snacks and beverages, makes Christmas O, Wow! with festive and affordable gift ideas:  The Cuckoo and Weeshee Bags!  Packed with a variety of your favorite Oishi snacks, it is indeed a great gift you can give to everyone you love. 

The Christmas-themed Oishi Cuckoo Bag contains 14 assorted snacks and a premium item, priced at only P100.   The Weeshee Bag contains 10 assorted snacks and is priced at P64. (Prices may vary)  These gift bags are now available at your local supermarkets nationwide. 

 Just look at the excitement on the face of my nephew Zack!  He got 2 packs!!!

And just look at my baby Skyler, so full of happiness, can't wait for him to take a bite soon of Oishi's snacks and treats!!!

Go get your Oishi Christmas packs today to give to your loved ones for an O, Wow Christmas!

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