Friday, July 24, 2015

Refresh with 100% Juice in Oishi Great Lakes!

Great Lakes1

Only the freshest with Oishi Great Lakes

Oishi Great Lakes offers wholesome refreshment that goes well with your daily meals and snacktime!  The finest fruits and vegetables that are fused into the ready-to-drink juice is not only thirst quenching but is also 100% natural juice.  You do not have to worry about artificial colouring, flavouring and sweeteners.  It's the refreshing way to add fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Great Lakes2

With it's two yummy flavors of Tropical Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Mix, Oishi Great Lakes gives you palette on assortment of fresh flavors from carefully selected fruits and vegetables.  With Oishi Great Lakes, you can always expect the highest quality of taste.  The punch of flavors is a great a convenient way to drink your fruits and vegetables.

Great Lakes4
Show us how you keep healthy and refreshed with Oishi Great Lakes along with the hashtag #WholesomeRefreshment

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