Thursday, November 6, 2014

R&R Series: Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage in Banawe + Giveaway!

Rest and Relaxation: Nuat Thai in Banawe

Hi everyone!  You must be wondering, why is Nuat Thai on my post today?  Well, of course my life is not just about my food adventures, my belief in life is that, you have never truly lived your life if you have not enjoyed it, by enjoy I mean spend time with family and friends and of course have time for yourself.  Now that's where Nuat Thai comes in....

Nuat Thai has been around for quite some time, expanding to many locations in the Metro and in many provinces as well, breaking ground in Cebu, it has blossomed into a haven of relaxation for many of the locals of Cebu and now into bustling Metro Manila.  Yes, indeed they indeed have a lot of branches, but a few Nuat Thai branches come to mind when we say, "Quality service need not come at an expensive price tag."

One of those is Nuat Thai in 238 Banawe St.
Quezon City

Upon entering the cozy reception area, one can only feel the elegance and craftsmanship on how the place was carefully adorned with much love and attention put into making your relaxation experience all the better.


Look at the comfy couch while you wait your turn to be taken care of, it's soft and relaxing indeed.

Choose your relaxing oil, in Lavander, Green tea or Eucalyptus, each with their own healing effects that will soothe your body aches away.


After that, you are escorted to the foot wash area, this is where you feel royalty!  Ushers take you to have your seat and gives you a pair of slippers to put on after they wash and mini-massage your feet.

Then with your choice of massage, either Thai Body Massage or Thai Foot Massage, rest assured of highly trained massage therapists to soothe your every aching muscle as they relax your body to bliss.


Clean and hygienic beds and pillows give you much assurance to a great and relaxing therapy session you will definitely be coming back for more.


After your massage therapy session, complete the experience by drinking Nuat Thai's signature tea, every cup brings to you wellness and good health.


You would surely be back for more with the Nuat Thai Loyalty Card, as you avail of more of their services you get to enjoy more FREE services.  Collect 10 stamps and get a FREE Thai Body Massage or Thai Foot Massage.

Thank you to Nuat Thai Banawe for inviting us over to experience their personal touch in providing the best relaxation experience, and as Nuat Thai Banawe loves The Food Alphabet and all our readers, here is a treat!

We will be giving away two (2) Gift Vouchers for a one (1) Hour Thai Body Massage or Thai Foot Massage to two (2) winners!  So each winner can bring their special someone, or their good friend to experience Nuat Thai the way we have experienced it.

Join up below and we will ship your prize wherever you are, just make sure you can reach the following Nuat Thai branches that will accept these Gift Vouchers.  "Nuat Thai Libis, Nuat Thai Pioneer and Nuat Thai Banawe are the only branches that can accept these vouchers."

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do book your relaxation time here at Nuat Thai Libis, Pioneer, Banawe and Examiner branches and get to relieve your aching muscles and relax your body.

Libis branch 
90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Q.C. (Across shopwise)

Pioneer branch 
56 m-58 madison st. Mandaluyong city 

Banawe branch 
238 banawe st qc (near king chef restaurant) 

Examiner branch 
Examiner cor. Times st, Quezon City

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