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An exceptional dining experience at Gloria Maris Greenhills

Gloria Maris Sharks Fin Restaurant Greenhills

It's always a pleasure to enjoy great tasting Chinese dishes prepared by master chefs all around the world, and luckily we have quite a few of the best chefs here in Gloria Maris Greenhills.  Gloria Maris has been part of our daily lives for the past decade or so, from their previous location in Greenhills, their picturesque branch at the CCP grounds and now their latest opened restaurant with their newly built restaurant, housing their dimsum area, their shabu-shabu area, their ala-carte place, their banquet section and their very private VIP section. 

Gloria Maris Greenhills has up the ante in serving us Chinese cuisines of the highest standards, combining art, style and a taste truly Gloria Maris.

If you are a regular diner of Chinese restaurants in the metro, it would seem like wherever you may go, they serve almost the same thing in most restos, such as sweet and sour pork, salt and pepper spareribs, which are the most common dishes found on their menu, but Gloria Maris has veered away from these regular dishes to bring you an extraordinary dining experience you will surely be coming back to.

Chiu Chow Cold Cuts

A regular staple in Chinese banquet is their selection of assorted cold cuts, in this case a combination of Gloria Maris favorites such as crispy Lechon Macau, California Maki, Bacon rolls, Fried Enoki mushrooms and Roasted duck slices.  This is just the appetizer, a tease to a festival of taste about to lay before us.

Abalone Sashimi

Wow, this is indeed a first for me, after dining in so much Chinese restaurants since I was a kid, this I would say would be the most creative way to bring out a dish, adding drama to already alluring Abalone sashimi slices is the grandeur boat design combining the effect of the dry ice smoking down the sides, like it just sailed down from heaven.  A heavenly dish fit for royalty. 

Prawns and Pop rice on Strawberry sauce

Everybody loves prawns, who doesn't especially when they're fried crisp drizzled with strawberry sauce and complemented by pop rice.  Every bite feels fresh and crisp and then comes the sweetness of the strawberry sauce that gently slides down your throat as you enjoy bite after bite of prawn bliss, a must-try that I would definitely recommend.

2 Tone Almond Seafood Pumpkin Soup

It was really amazing how you can do this dish, the soup was presented in a large bowl then there you see split in two flavors just like "Yinyang", the almond seafood and the pumpin soup looked great on each side, but when mixed up gave us the most rich soup, full of flavor that it gave me goosebumps all over when I had a sip, exquisitely good and indeed a masterpiece

Scallops and Shell meat with French beans and raddish

Scallops were fresh and somehow very juicy, as I bite into one, I feel it play around with my tongue with its sweet and garlicky blend of flavors, also I like how they presented their dishes, from dragon-crafted carrots to buddha and the eagle, made every dish not just a taste to behold but a beautiful sight to see as well.

Peking Chicken Salad

Move away Peking Duck, Peking Chicken Salad is here to stay.  Since I believe that we are still not allowing the HK ducks in the country, Gloria Maris made something more out of the ordinary, to satisfy our cravings and take on the challenge to make a better dish, sticking to the basics and putting an extra touch, the Peking Garden Salad is by far one of the most requested new dish that Gloria Maris has to offer, I'm not wondering why.

Steamed Lapu-Lapu Fillet with Egg White

Just look at that Lapu-Lapu fillet cut, now tell me wouldn't you want to take a slice?  Fresh, hot and prepared minutes before it's served, you have definitely hit the jackpot with this original creation from the chefs of Gloria Maris

Fried Crab with Salted Egg

I thought that Fried crab in salt and pepper was the perfect crab style that suited me, but when they gave me a piece of this crab meat, I totally fell for it, munch after munch I longed for that taste, never knew that salted egg mixed with crab was a perfect match, taste it to believe.

Jumbo Buchi

I love Buchi, but Jumbo Buchi?  Super Love.  Nice how they presented it in flower shaped papers, they looked like lotus flowers.

Marshmallow Pastries

An exceptional dining experience indeed it is, Gloria Maris Sharks Fin Restaurant in Greenhills is exceeded all expectations and is indeed in a class of its own, serving up great tasting Chinese dishes and more to our heart's content, make no mistake Gloria Maris will be with for decades and decades to come.

Gloria Maris Sharks Fin Restaurant
Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
570-0921; 570-0923; 570-0924

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