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Weekend Family Buffet at Eastwood Cafe at the Richmonde Hotel

Family Weekend buffet feast at Eastwood Cafe

Weekends are best spent with families, I would think most of us would agree on this.  With our very busy working schedules, we only see our family early in the morning before we go to work or late at night when the kids are ready to sleep, that is indeed the harsh reality of our lives at the moment.

Such are my moments with Dad, like right now when I'm missing him again.  I remember that it was only during weekends that we were to get together for a lunch or dinner with whole family.  Now that my mom is my only parent still around, I make sure to make time for her, especially on weekends.
Of course, when we have our dinner outs, we would always think of our "pamangkins", nephews and nieces as to what they wanted to eat, as we are indeed a large family.  And as dinner is quite fast for kids nowadays, you'd expect them to go running around and playing, that can be headache for us, but Eastwood Cafe took the extra mile and gave the best solution, their family weekend buffet feast!


Starting off for kids with what they really love!  
Spaghetti, with sweet meaty sauce or carbonara


Hotdogs!  Another favourite, 
they also serve Eastwood Cafe's Southern Fried Chicken


And to let our kids enjoy the good life, grabs tons of bites at the candy buffet with Cake Pops, chocolate dips, tons of candies, mini donuts and more!


Kid will surely have a blast!  I myself couldn't resist this, I can't imagine our kids diving into this candy buffet, but don't worry the candy lady will be there to assist our kids, to get their share.


After that enticing buffet, Eastwood Cafe has prepared a kiddie-play are for kids just beside the buffet spread so that you can see them paint, draw, color, watch cartoons and just mingle with other kids while we, the parents  can finally relax and enjoy Richmonde Hotel's Eastwood Cafe buffet.


Choices are plentiful at the Eastwood Cafe, serving up Asian favorite dishes made by Eastwood Cafe's executive chefs, from Kare-Kare to Korean Bulgogi to freshly made ebi tempura.



Despite the hot weather, a steaming bowl of flavourful Chinese hot pot filled with your favorite ingredients will still be a welcome treat.  Mix it up with fat beef, sliced fillet of fish, pork and noodles as well


Now that's one hot pot masterpiece, all the right ingredients with a touch of spice, I was literally perspiring as I sip my way down to last drop of soup, it was hot and full of flavour


Hungry for some Mongolian Barbecue, choose from the many fresh ingredients, from chicken, pork, beef and bring it to life with carrots, bean sprouts, shallots, mushrooms, onions, garlic and let the chef whip up a mix of flavors with your favorite sauces, you'll definitely be back for your second serving.


Take your pick from the grilling station, with choices of tenderloin beef, chicken, pork, dory fillet and other fishes.  Have it grilled to perfection and delivered to your table with ease.


Enjoy the grilling feast fit for kings and queens!


Take a slice of Executive Chef Pat Obia's signature specialty, the Crispy Pork Lechon at the carving station.  Slow cooked to achieve that juicy and tender meat, fried to a crisp for that oh so tasty skin, have a bite or have a plateful but be sure to check your cholesterol levels, well just in case you go overboard, Richmonde Hotel's clinic would be there to assist you, but seriously watch it ok. haha


Enjoy the dessert station, as it serves up a medley of yummy native delicacies such as Puto with cheese, Cassava cake, Palitaw, Maja Mais, Ginataang Bilo-Bilo, and choices of fresh local fruits.  Dip yourself into scoops of your favorite flavors of ice cream or you can even make you own halo-halo

Chocolate Fondue, what a sight indeed.


Eastwood Cafe's Weekend Family buffet is available every weekend from April to June, with lunch and dinner every Saturdays and Sundays.  For only P880 nett for adults and P440 nett for children 6 - 12 years old, children 5 years old and under get to eat FREE, now don't you wish you were still just a a kid, the perks of being one haha.

All in all, I had a great time dining at Eastwood Cafe, laid back and relaxed, especially when all our kids are enjoying a good time as well, a weekend well spent indeed.

For inquiries and reservations, you may reach them at (02) - 5707777.  Eastwood Richmonde Hotel is located at 17 Orchard Road, Eastwood City, Bagumbayan Quezon City.  Log on to or www.facebook/EastwoodRichmondeHotel for more info.

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  1. Interesting. My baby siblings will love it! :)

  2. Dude I'm sorry I missed this!! I'm regretting it now.. darn day job.. I would have loved to have played- err.. I mean.. BABY RAIN would have loved to have played at the kids area hehehe

  3. Richie, my good friend, you should have been there, we should have been playing... i mean eating haha!!!

    Baby Rain will definitely enjoy it there!!

  4. This hotel in Quezon City, Philippines claiming to be of four star standards but provides sub standard services. If you have existing health conditions, stay away from this hotel as they are not equipped to handle health related emergencies!

  5. Wow! Eastwood Cafe looks so enticing to dine in! I hope our family could also have a dining/bonding there. I really agree that we should spend more time with our parents. I'm also agreeing with the fact that in a family memories should always be given importance more than things. After having eating here, I plan to have a mini retreat in the nearest Quezon City Hotel.

  6. Wow! I want to try! Anyway, Richmonde Hotel is a good choice, do they have in Mandaluyong Hotels?


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