Saturday, January 12, 2013

Going gaga over Greeka Kouzina


Fall in love with Greeka Kouzina

2012 is a year of many finds, with so much restaurants opening week after week, you can be sure, it would take you at least a span of 6 months before you can really come back to a restaurant you previously loved to dine.  But we'll have to make an exception with this, why? 

 Cause it's Greeka Kouzina!

Delightfully nestled on the once not so busy part of P. Guevara, Little Baguio in San Juan, mushroomed a Greek - Mediterranean themed restaurant that has recently been turning heads and causing hungry stomachs to flock in and enjoy their many dishes of choice ingredients and fresh produce.


I just had to order this, yeah I know I'm crazy about fries, even though I know there's not much a difference in almost every other resto about fries, I just had to have my fix.  They call it Patates Fournou Lemonates (P180), which is potato wedges baked with lemon and oregano.  The dipping on top of the fries made it even better, cheese melting and flavorful bursts of crisp brown deep fried fries, I'm good now.


Order their Kalamari Tiganito (P260), deep fried, and crisp with every bite, sprinkled with alatopiperigano, is indeed one large order, good enough for party of even 4.  Every bite steams up piping hot, make sure you consume it as soon as its served.


Craving for something light, then enjoy their Spanakopita or Spinach Pie (P295), is a great addition to their hefty appetizer menu


Chomp up their salads with choices or Greek Ceasar (P310), Watercress Blue Cheese Salad (P360), Salata Marouli Lettuce salad (P260) and Hallmoumi Salad (P380).

Get to enjoy a feast with a choice of their Beef Souvlaki (P390), Chicken Soulaki (P340), or Lamb Souvlaki (P410), which a combination of fresh vegetable salad with feta cheese and char-grilled meat based on your preference (pictured below).



Chicken lovers behold Kotopoulo (P390), 2 fillets of deboned chicken grilled to perfection, taste it to believe it, no fuss just pure unadulterated tender grilled chicken

A whole lot of Gyros, with choices of Chicken (P180), Beef (P195), Veggie (P170) and Lamb (P240), will surely satisfy your cravings, with grilled pita on a bed of mixed greens and arugula, diced tomatoes with onions and your choice of meat, topped with feta cheese goodness and served with yiaourti dip.


All Hail Arni Lemonato Roast Lamb (P580)

If Max's restaurant has their trademark fall of the bones chicken, then this slow roasted lamb is what makes Greeka Kouzina exactly that!  Soft and chewy, with no after taste at all.  I will be back for you.


Still not full?  Then order a pair of sidings to fill you up Spanakorizo - Spinach rice (P180) packs up a hefty punch.


Or have your way with Arni Keftedes Pasta - Lamb Meatball Pasta with Parmesan Cheese (P180)

Enjoy great food finds here at Greeka Kouzina, word of advise though, parking is really scarce, just approach the guard up front and ask where to park so they could assist you.  Enjoy!

Greeka Kouzina
285 P. Guevarra Street
Little Baguio, San Juan
(02) 624-5974

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  1. I miss Greek food! :)I'd definitely give Greeka Kouzina a try one of these days. :)

    1. Yes! their food is quite delicious and best of all does not hurt the wallet as much. =) Great food, great price. Well only thing bad is the parking area which is quite limited.

  2. Abet!!!
    You made me crave for Greeka!

    And, i just had it last FRIDAY ah!!!


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