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Ma Maison in Greenbelt 2


Ma Maison in Greenbelt 2

Rarely do you see such a marvel in Japanese fusion cuisines, and Ma Maison is definitely one to take note of.  Ma Maison, the latest addition to the Bistro group of companies, who has brought us T.G.I. Friday's, Italliani's to name a few, ventured into a fusion of flavors that only the Bistro group can do so well.


Mixing classic cabin spaces, giving you that homey feel, and serving Japanese Western cuisine is definitely a first in the Filipino dining experience.  Yoshoku refers to Japan-ized Western Dishes and were prepared mainly for Western dignitaries during the old days.  Now we relive history as we partake in such delicious creations that stood the test of time.


Camembert Cheese Fritters (P385), crisp fried golden batter with melted cheese inside is a welcome treat to a tasty evening of delicious proportions.


Deep Fried Chicken wings (P245), served your choice of Oriental or Japanese style


Chasoba Salad (P425), cold green tea soba, ham, egg, tomatoes with cucumber in Japanese mayo and sesame dressing.  This was a break out of the ordinary salad, and the texture of the salad was very smooth, and gave a light hearted feel.


Curry Udon (P325), a fan of curry? It not, this will definitely alter your perception of curry.  As you would expect curry gives you a tangy taste with a hint of spice, but with Ma Maison's Japanese curry, comes a sweet and delicious and of course tangy udon that makes it oh so delicious and is perfect for the Filipino palate.


Scotch Egg (P375) and Kani Cream Croquette (P375)

The Scoth Egg kinda reminds me of our local version Morcon, hard boiled eggs wrapped with minced beef and pork on a bed of brown sauce, served with potato salad and shredded cabbage, while the Kani cream croquette is deep-fried crab meat and potato croquette, also served with shredded cabbage.  I most especially love the Kani cream croquette, who wouldn't?  Crab meat, and potato yumm...


Tonkatsu (P375),  Wafu style western crispy breaded pork cutlet served with Ma Maison sauce.  Makes me love tonkatsu more and more.  Every tender bite of crisp batter topped the juicy meat filling.  Eat while hot, is definitely one of the best-tasting Tonkatsu in the country today.


Other specialties of the house were the Escargots baked with garlic butter (P385) the Hamburger Steak (P375) and the Beef Strafanoff Butter omurice (P375)

And we're not done yet, let's taste some desserts.


For dessert, you might want to try their Frozen green tea (P185), a Brazo de Mercedes recipe, a four layered frozen dessert with egg meringue, green tea ice cream, custard cream and graham crust.  Or the White Chocolate Mixed Fruit Tart (P195), is a sweet pastry crust filled with white chocolate cream topped with mixed fruits.



Drop by Greenbelt 2 and taste Ma Maison's delicious and creative dishes, a break out of the ordinary, but a special treat as always.

Ma Maison
Ground level, Greenbelt 2
Paseo de Roxas corner 
Legazpi Street, Makati
(+632) 7299121 and (+632) 7299122

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  1. Very nice looking restaurant, and the concept of the food intrigues me slightly. Thanks for sharing. :)


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