Wednesday, March 7, 2012

LuLu Restaurant at Rockwell - great food, fun dining


Yes we have all heard the stories, Pres. Noynoy Aquino did in fact bring Grace Lee to LuLu Restaurant, for dinner or a date?  Well, this time the rumors are true, and indeed Pres. Noynoy has great taste with the ladies he is dating and of course great taste in restaurants he loves to dine.

So let's open LuLu Restaurant up and see what she has to offer.


We start off with our appetizers, served upon us are four (4) kinds of appetizers, I especially loved the crisp fried Smoked Fish and Crab cake, they were love love love!  Also highlighted was the Poached Palawan Lobster with avocado cream, chicken liver pate with melba toast.



We were sampled with two of their best soups in the likes of Roasted Squash soup and French Onion soup, nothing fancy, just good tasting and refreshing soups


US Certified Angus Beef Entrecote (P1,450)
with salad and fries on the side

It's not everyday you get to have a taste of fine beef, and here we have in our midst the reason why US Angus beef is known worldwide, under the hands of Chef Tom Hines, something so wonderful can be made even better, flame-grilled, peppered and salted just right, you practically are saying oh la la with every bite. 


Herb Crusted Lamb Spareribs (P595)


Sea Bass Darne, Pea Risotto (P850)

Wifey had ordered this, and it was truly amazing, the soft fish just melting in your mouth, and I just can't stop myself from taking bites and bites from the pea risotto, fish lovers, this is definitely your treat.


Classic Beef Wellington (P850)

Beef medallions and mushrooms wrapped in a crust of pastry, well just to satisfy your curiosity, Pres. Noy had this for dinner.


Green Tea Salmon (P650)

Tired of your old fish dishes, try this one, you would be amazed!  Chef Tom highly recommends it.


Unhurriedly-steamed Lamb Shank (P720)

funny how the name of the dish precedes it, but in achieving soft, fall off the bones lamb shank, Chef Tom Hines goes to great lengths just to perfect this dish and make your dining experience a memorable one


So what did Ms. Grace Lee order? It was Lu's Ultimate Porkchop (P595)
with a tangy orange-achuete sauce


A treat for cheese lovers out there.  Yes they are dripping with cheese, the Truffled Mac n' Cheese (P398), delightfully delicious and soft to the bite.  The melted cheese makes it all the more yummy.


I had to leave early for work, but wifey got a taste of this Three layer chocolate mousse with strawberry on the side, and she loved it!  Surely she will order this again the next time when we visit LuLu Restaurant again, who knows we might bump into the President during one of his dates.



LuLu Restaurant
G/F Joya Tower, Joya Drive,
Rockwell Center, Makati City
Tel. No. (02) 403-3991


  1. Love the pics! Hope you don't mind me asking, what camera and lens do you use? The beef wellington and lamb shank look so good! I would also love to try those little appetizers. The meal sounds just lovely! :)

    1. Hi Guia,

      Thanks for the complements, and thanks for visiting as well. Regarding your question, I only use an entry-level Nikon D5000 Dslr which I think is phased out already by Nikon and used a 50mm 1.8D lens.

      Hope I have answered your query.... =P

  2. Hi.. I was just wondering, which lamb dish would you suggest? the herb-encrusted or the lamb shank? thanks!


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