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Food and more at The Food Alphabet + CCA 350-Calorie plates for weight-loss class by Nadine Tengco

Change is inevitable, and some say change is good.  That is why I would like to share with you, my friends and readers that we will improve for the better.  The first thing you will notice is that we are now The Food Alphabet and More!  

Yes, we love food and food will always be the most important topic of all, but now we will have more variety with regards to the posts that will be on The Food Alphabet and More.  Lifestyle, Product reviews, a little Travel here and there, and of course promotions as well. I do hope that you would still continue to support The Food Alphabet and More.  And with that let me present to you a guest blogger, my sister, Anna Marie Lim-Chan with her CCA 350-calorie plates weight-loss class by Nadine Tengco post.

CCA presents 350 Calorie-plates for Weight Loss class
guest writer - Anna Marie Lim-Chan

The Food Alphabet was recently invited by the Center for Culinary Arts or CCA to partake in their 350-Calorie Plates for Weight Loss class, which was taught by celebrity fitness nutritionist Ms. Nadine Tengco.  Since my brother Abet, knows I'm into slimming down, I was sent on this assignment to know first hand what CCA has to offer for me.
Nadine is the woman behind the success of the Philippines’ Biggest Loser and Sexy Solutions by Belo.  She is also the consultant for The Sexy Chef. 

The half-day course consisted of lectures, eating, mingling and of hands-on cooking. Boy did I learn a lot from this class. For example, the #1 rule to lose weight is that breakfast is non-negotiable and that to be able to lose weight, one should consume a balanced meal of 350 calories, 3 times a day. And you get 2 snacks to go with that too! Want to see what my classmates and I dished out?

BREAKFAST: Moringa Arroz Caldo 240 cal and Pineapple Basil Juice (this was surprisingly yummy) 60 cal. Total 300 cal.

LUNCH: Ginger Fish Packet 183 cal, Vegetable Chow Fan 119 cal, Sweet Potato Custard 55 cal. Total 357 cal.

SNACK : Zucchini-Bean Dip and Vegetable Crudites 189 cal.

DINNER: Chicken Tikka 142 cal, Black Rice Tabbouleh 160 cal and Low-cal Baba ganache 53 cal. Total 355 cal. 

Add everything up and you consumed a grand total of 1201 calories for the whole day. Do this everyday and you’ll be on your way to your desired weight.

Besides being scrumptious and full or flavor, these food preparations are actually good for you. Who says you can't eat good food while keeping fit.  Learn how to cook and prepare these and other wonderful dishes and live that healthy life, give CCA a visit at the top floor of the Podium or call them at (02)-5093466.

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