Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ibayo by Barrio Fiesta

Remembering the good old days.... We would always dine at Barrio Fiesta in J. Bocobo St. in Malate, Manila during the weekend.  Oh yes! those were the good old days... family times, great food, fond memories.

But how can we ever forget our favorite dishes.... now list them down Bouillabaisse (Barrio Fiesta Seafood Cream Soup); the ever so mouth watering Crispy Pata; the gravy rich Bulalo Steak; yummy Camaron Rebosado; and the delectable Kare-Kare with a pinch of Bagoong (Shrimp paste).

But as time progresses, things change, people age, but the tradition still stays the same... but now with a different twist.  Now from the long line of new generations from the clan of Barrio Fiesta, we now have IBAYO.
IBAYO by Barrio Fiesta, (ib'ayo) - meaning across prep. on the other side of; sa kabila; sa ibayo, sa kabilang panig o ibayo.

I've had one of the most fulfilling meals that I have ever had, the taste and aroma of the food being served to us was very tempting and it was really hard not to eat that much!! God help us..  
Now may I take you to a place, a happy place where all food served is good and gone.
Cheese sticks with little pinch of Chili... surprisingly good and tasteful
Kuhol sa Gata P180
 Chicken Sisig P165
Nilagang baka
You must try their Paella... this rice dish is a must!!
Crispy Pata, one of their specialties... crispy on the outside soft and juicy on the inside
P425 (Reg.) and P525 (Lrg.)
Grilled pusit... done just perfect!
 White Adobo.... a first, only in Ibayo
Seafood Kare-Kare ( the healthy one ) P399
Sago at Gulaman by the glass P59
and by the fish bowl nice right? P120
They even serve cocktails... a new touch to Filipino Restaurants only Ibayo offers
Turon Ala Mode.. crispy and delicious bananas P75
Putobungbung P65
Maja Blanca P65
 It was such a refreshing place to dine-in, will definitely be back again.
Ibayo by Barrio Fiesta
San Miguel by the Bay
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

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