Saturday, June 5, 2010

All-Day Breakfast at Figaro Coffee Company

Yours truly was recently invited by Figaro Coffee Company for a taste test of their new food products.  I was intrigued as I would know that Figaro is strictly a coffee based store that serves great coffee.  I have little knowledge of what their other specialties were except for the Figaro Frost which is my favorite, yummy.
And was I so surprised...we started off with their ALL-DAY Breakfast by Chef Karl Maxist Tan
Now with these, all priced at P175.00, you'll never miss your favorite breakfast treats anytime of the day, top it off with an included cup of brewed coffee.  Figaro has in them pride for having such a wonderful Chef Karl that has formulated such a sumptuous recipe for their ALL Day breakfast menu.

Starting off with the Classic Corned Beef - A sumptuous serving of juicy corned beef, sauteed in onions served with tomato-cucumber salsa on the side and fried farm fresh egg.  Their corned beef tasted just perfect because it just had the right blend of onion and salt that captured the essence of the corned beef.
Up next, Gourmet Crispy Tuyo - a blend of flavors and spices infused over crispy tuyo flakes served with fried eggplant, tomato-cucumber salsa and farm fresh egg. I am not a fan of tuyo nor eggplants, but I find this combination such a hit for Filipinos everywhere, old or young, it will always be a treat to find this in the breakfast menu.  I tasted this tuyo and somehow I liked it, yes it is salty as tuyo should be, but dip it in vinegar and then it's all good.

Last, and my favorite among the three, the Pork Longganiza - sweet and spicy flavor of homemade pork longganisa perfectly complemented with tomato-cucumber salsa and fried farm fresh egg.  I have a confession to make, as soon as the pork longganiza was placed in my midst, ohh the scent of it makes me salivate. Say to say I was not able to take a picture, so now I am just putting into words which I don't really know how cause it justs taste so good... I finished all 3 pcs of the serving in an instant, forgive me.
And finally to top it of, I was served fresh brewed coffee, to go with every all-day breakfast order.  Oh it was such a good meal, I will definitely be back for more, promise I'll take some pictures of the longganiza the next time around.  Take my word for it, you will not regret it.

Get a taste of their wonderful desserts featured here : Yummy desserts at Figaro Coffee Company

Figaro Emerald
G/F Hanston Building
F. Ortigas, Pasig City (formerly Emerald Ave.)



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