Thursday, December 13, 2018

Holiday Journey with the Family at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

Creating moments worth remembering at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

Holidays with the family are made better and worry-free at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Award Winner, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, with premium accommodations, ultimate dining experience, and exceptional service that everyone will love.

Nestled in the middle of Ortigas business district, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila is set to provide a breather amidst the bustling city. It is a unique concept that perfectly blends Asian warmth and Western comfort—a service that has been loved by many. 

Mang Inasal: where ‘solb’ eaters feast

Mang Inasal’s 500th store, which opened in June 2018, showcases the latest design that considers customer convenience, production efficiency, and an aesthetic sense that gives a provincial, homey grillery vibe.

Mang Inasal turns 15 today. Since it opened its first store in Iloilo in 2003, this quick service restaurant has grown from a local must-visit store to the favorite hangout of ‘solb’ eaters throughout the country. 

‘Solb’ eaters are those who go for delicious, satisfying Chicken Inasal, without qualms of eating it with their bare hands and usually with unli rice, doused with their favorite mix of chicken oil, soy sauce, vinegar, calamansi and chili.

“Seeing solb eaters feast in a Mang Inasal store is such a heartwarming sight!” said Mang Inasal Strategic Business Unit Head Jojo P. Subido. “It validates all the hard work we have put into running a restaurant whose menu carries superior tasting food and whose crew go the extra mile in delighting the customers.”

Savor the joy of the season with Cravings’ holiday offers

Cravings makes holidays merry and bright with these sumptuous selections - Roast Turkey with Chestnut Raisin Stuffing, Crackling Pork Bagnet
As Christmas draws near, the annual Christmas rush also intensifies. Everyone is scrambling to shop for presents, which means longer lines at the cashier and even more traffic. What usually takes a couple of hours can take twice as long – and that takes time away from holiday meal planning, preparation and cooking.

What to do when you want a delicious and thoughtfully put-together holiday spread but you’re pressed for time?

Comfort food is the best way to go – and with Cravings’ array of delectable party trays, gift offers and catering themes, you’ll sure have a merry and bright Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Enjoy 365 days of free Starbucks Coffee: A cupful of possibilities each day

Every Starbucks 2019 Planner or Travel Organizer comes with a special edition Christmas Traditions Starbucks Card that can be used to register for the Starbucks For A Year raffle promo.
What’s better than enjoying a perfect cup of Starbucks coffee? Getting it every day, for one year, on the house! This Christmas, Starbucks is celebrating the season by giving its customers the best reasons to stop by for a sip of their favorite beverages.

Aside from rewarding coffee lovers with the new Starbucks Philippines 2019 Planners or Starbucks Travel Organizers, Starbucks is also raffling off Starbucks for a Year to 21 lucky holders of the Starbucks Christmas Traditions Cards.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Why do we love the Amazing Aloha Yumbuger?

Here’s why you need to get Jollibee’s ‘Pineapple-Beefy, Langhap-Sarap’ Amazing Aloha Yumburger while it’s still in stores

The fast-food giant, Jollibee, brought back a well-loved and much-anticipated menu offering early in September—the one and only Amazing Aloha Yumburger. This irresistibly delicious burger is a seasonal menu favorite and unsurprisingly, one of Jollibee’s most successful limited time offers. 

Haven’t had the chance to try it yet? Here are four reasons why you should head over to the nearest Jollibee store and say “ALOHA” to this mouthwatering sweet-savory burger.

Rediscover Palawan’s hidden gem

Club Paradise Palawan is a relaxing tropical getaway in Coron, Northern Palawan. Now managed by the growing Discovery Leisure Company, Inc. and owned by the Discovery World Corporation, this exclusive 19-hectare eco-tourism destination is definitely a piece of paradise that should be part of every nature lover’s bucket list.

With 700 meters of pristine beach overlooking azure waters, combined with the same superb brand of service the Discovery hotels and resorts are known for, Club Paradise Palawan offers exciting activities for all types of guests -- from the adventure seeker to the romantic, from a “barkada” or family to individuals who simply want to indulge in a relaxing, quiet getaway. 

Fancy a boodle fight lunch at Hidden Beach or a romantic dinner at the beachfront? Your wish is their command!

Friday, December 7, 2018

From Taiwan to Manila - ChaChaGo - 茶茶GO opens first branch in the Philippines

ChaChaGo (茶茶GO), one of the newest milk tea places in Taiwan that has been making waves in Taipei, has opened their first branch in the Philippines!

 ChaChaGo boasts of milk tea that gives you an engaging experience again and again, with every cup they make you can be sure of the quality and care they put to make your milk tea experience one not to forget!
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