Monday, November 20, 2023

The Taste We’ve Always Loved : A Trip Down Memory Lane With Royal Crown Cola

Royal Crown Cola - The Taste of Royalty

Let's go back to where it all started, from 1905 Mr. Claude Adkins-Hatcher, a distinguished American pharmacist and entrepreneur created a unique range of soft drinks that has led him to create ginger ale, a series of fruit flavored sodas and ultimately, Royal Crown Cola that we’ve all come to love, making him an icon in the soft drink industry. 

From then on, there was no looking back, and now, after all these years, our lives have been on the fast lane, sometimes we just need to slow down and get to have the simple joys of life.

A quick stroll outside, a quick catch up with friends or enjoying a well-deserved meal with an ice-cold Royal Crown Cola. Reminiscent of sunny and carefree days, all it takes is one taste of its timeless taste to brighten up your day.

Apart from its classic and premium taste, the all-new Royal Crown Cola’s packaging pays homage to Mr. Claude Adkins-Hatcher. It’s more than just another soft drink, it’s a celebration of innovation and courage to challenge established industry norms. Royal Crown Cola’s legacy and unwavering commitment to quality is exactly what makes it a popular beverage choice throughout the world.

Royal Crown Cola, brings a luscious blend of flavors you may be familiar with.  The Classic Royal Crown Cola, brings a robust, and delectable kick of flavors, with hints of caramel, coffee, chocolate for a very distinct flavor truly Royal Crown Cola.

Weary of carbonated sugary drinks, then go for Royal Crown Cola No Sugar, all the goodness without the guilt.  This variant brings a stronger coffee-centric taste, that will truly catch your fancy.

Whether you’re celebrating big or small wins in life, ready to take a risk or just in need of some inspiration, or just to unwind after a busy day, you can always enjoy every moment with Royal Crown Cola.

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