Thursday, May 5, 2022

Kumori’s Guide on How to Go Extra on Mother’s Day

Time check: we are days away from the most mom-erable celebration of the year! This coming Mother’s Day, Kumori is going extra to make sure our moms have a mango-nificent and mom-entous celebration!

The role of a mom can be filled by plenty of people from grandmothers and aunts to girl friends and mentors. This coming Mother’s Day, we celebrate all the mother figures in our lives for thelping us navigate through the ups and downs, twists and turns of both love and life.

To commemorate this special day, Kumori prepared three different Mother’s Day deals you can choose from to make your moms feel special: their newest Mango Tango cake, a Mango Tango cake and Cherie Paris watch set, and a Kumori breads and pastries bundle!

A gorgeous and mango-nificent Mango Tango Cake made especially for moms.

The Mango Tango Cake (P695) is a three layered classic mango cake made of soft vanilla sponge, coconut cream mousse, cashew meringue, decadent cream cheese, luscious mango layers, coated with whipped cream and toasted coconut crumbs, and beautifully crowned with Chantilly cream that’s fit for a queen. Its sweet and tangy flavor combination is something that mom would definitely enjoy! Surely, it’s an IG-worthy piece to include in your Mother’s Day feast.

The Kumori x Cherie Paris cake and watch set features Kumori’s new Mango Tango Cake, matched with a timeless Cherie Paris watch, inspired by the Parisian way of life!

Because a mother’s love is sweet and timeless, Kumori collaborated with Cherie Paris timepieces, coming up with the perfect pairing suited for moms on their special day. For only P2,990, each cake and watch set includes one Kumori Mango Tango Cake and one Cherie Paris watch. With a regular price of P3,475, you get to save up to 14%, which you can spend for yourself or save for a rainy day.

Cherie Paris watches come in three color variations: gold, silver and leather. Match Kumori’s newest Mango Tango Cake with your

Cherie Paris watch of choice!

Cherie Paris watches embody the Parisian style and the French way of life, bringing the spirit of love all the way to your mom. The bundle allows the customer to choose from three versions of the watch: gold, silver and leather.

This bundle is the perfect gift as the best way to spend mother’s day is by giving quality time (literally and figuratively) for the moms who unfailingly give us their TLC —timeless love and care since Day 1.

For a limited time, Kumori is offering a Mother’s Day bundle that includes their bestselling breads and pastries at a discounted price. The bundle goes for P499 and includes a Hanjuku Cheese Assorted (Box of 6), one Melon Pan, one Coffee Pan, one Kodawari Cream Bun, one Choco Custard Bun, and one Garlic Butter Bun. It’s a flavorful sweet and savory combination that will definitely make mom happy. Nothing says “I loaf you” more than a bundle of Kumori’s favorite breads and pastries!

Ready to place your order? You can head over to Kumori's website via or send a message to @kumoriph on Instagram for inquiries. They're only taking pre-orders until 1PM on May 7.

The Mango Tango cake (P695) is available in all Kumori branches and online via Kumori’s website (, GrabFood, Foodpanda, Pickaroo, Metromart, and Booky.

The Kumori x Cherie Paris bundle (P2990 per set) is available exclusively online via Kumori ( and Urban Time’s ( websites only.

The Kumori Mother’s Day Bundle (P499) will be available in all branches and online via Kumori’s website (, GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Pickaroo starting May 4, 2022.

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