Thursday, July 15, 2021

First Dibs: Liang Crispy Roll in SM Aura! + First 30 buyers get 1 year supply of Liang Crispy Roll!

Liang Crispy Roll, the newest concept store brought in to the Philippines by the Fredley Group of Companies, which also is home to some of the country's most sought after food brands, namely Macao Imperial Tea, Mitasu Yakiniku, Nabe and Hosaku has opened their first branch in the Philippines.

Liang Crispy Roll, originated from China, and had opened many outlets across Asia, such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, to name a few and even spread across the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Austria and more.. now they have found their way to the Philippines.

Serving up this one of kind roll, saying they are crisp, savory and flavorful in an understatement! 

Now what makes Liang Crispy Roll so special that it made it's way all over the world.  Yes you would think it looks kinda familiar and the texture is kind of your typical roti, but trust me this is a totally unique tasting experience.  The Crispy Roll is made as you order and is done with their patented cooker, that makes the dough oh so crispy after they cook it.

But apart from the crispy roll which is the same whatever branch you may visit around the world, the flavors and toppings are all done with a local touch, catering to the taste of local palate.  For the Philippine branches. We have a slew of choices you will definitely love!

Choose from Veggie Delight, 5 Cheese Melt, Chunky Tuna, Grilled Chicken, Pork BBQ and Angus Beef Steak.

We had the chance to try out all of them and I have to say my instant favorites are the Angus Beef Steak and Pork BBQ.

So how do we break them down, for someone who wants to eat healthy, you can try the Veggie Delight, with Bell Pepper, Lettuce and tomatoes, giving you a fresh bite and a new way to enjoy your veggies.  

Pork BBQ Crispy Roll

Fancy your senses with the 5 Cheese Melt, Cheese lovers will definitely fall in love with the oozing flavors melting away the blues with American Cheese, Cream Cheese, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Lettuce.

The next healthier option is the Chunky Tuna, with Tuna, Lettuce and Cucumber

Angus Beef Steak Crispy Roll

And if you a certified carnivore the Grilled Chicken, Pork BBQ and Angus Beef Steak will definitely not disappoint.  

As they pan fry your order of Grilled Chicken, Pork BBQ or the Angus Beef Steak, the juices come out and as they pack it with the crispy roll, the flavors sink in, and blends with the crispy roll, making every bite a journey of delight for your taste buds.

Grilled Chicken Crispy Roll

And what a satisfying experience indeed it is.

They will open to the public to serve your every craving starting July 17th!  But wait have they got a surprise for you!

They will be offering Buy One Get One on Liang Crispy Rolls on opening day July 17th, so that you can share the happiness to your loved ones as well, and let them have a taste of Liang Crispy Rolls.

Oh and they are not done yet!  The first 30 buyers of Liang Crispy Roll on opening day with get to enjoy a 1 Year Supply of Liang Crispy Roll!  Yes that is 365 Days of Liang Crispy Roll!  You can come by everyday to enjoy this delicious and awesome treat.

Let the good times roll and visit them at the 4th level of SM Aura.  To know more about their promos and offers do follow their FB page - Liang Crispy Roll and know why the world is loving Liang Crispy Roll.

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