Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Grabfood Lent Offers for the whole family - Healthy In and Out!

Lenten Season is here, and due to the ECQ, most of us are staying safe at home, but even in our homes we still observe the solemnity of Holy Week with the people we hold most dear.  And as we pray with our family for better days, we have to be healthy, inside and out and observe the sacredness of Holy Week with meat abstinence.

And Grabfood has Lent Offers and so many options you could choose with a great selection of fish and veggie dishes you can enjoy in the comforts of your homes, less hassle of making the dishes yourselves.

Ordering via Grabfood is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Just Open the Grab App, go to the Grabfood option and click on Lent Choices, with so many options you can choose from, you are set for the whole Lenten Season, and with the many delectable dishes you could feast on, you can always choose healthy even after the Lenten Season.

And while you're shopping for healthy treats with Grabfood, let us show you what do we order to enjoy a healthy treat.

We just love Salad Stop and can't get enough of it!  Fresh and nutritious as always.  Salad Stop never fails to give you an honest to goodness meal with their salad offers as well as their wraps!

So one of my favorites here at Salad Stop is their Tuna San Salad, using only the freshest ingredients and produce with Romaine lettuce, avocado, edamame, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange slices, sesame seeds, with wasabi honey soy, then add on some delectable seared tuna slices makes one heck of a healthy meal.

And we totally love the Oh Crab Lah! wrap, with Romaine, crab sticks, cage-free grated eggs, vermicelli, cherry tomatoes, red onions, croutons and that awesomely good Singapore Chili Crab dressing!  This wrap is a mouthful, slice it in 2 and enjoy the other half for another meal, seriously!  And the Singapore Chili Crab is ho-ho-hot and good!

Craving for some seafood this Lenten Season?  Then go for Kapitan Gimmo!  Go and order the GrabFood Exclusive Bundles and enjoy a feast at home.

We had the GB Seafood Feast, where they serve you 2 pcs medium crabs, shrimps a plenty and baked scallops! Plus they throw in 4 cups of rice and 1 bottle of soft drink!

You have a choice of sauce with Garlic Butter, Sweet Chili, Cajun or Salted Egg (+250)

For us we wanted something familiar so we opted for the Garlic Butter, and it was awesome!

Scallops with cheese were baked to perfection!

The shrimps, fresh and sweet!

And the crabs... plump, juicy and fatty!  

Just the way we love it!

But what if you want it healthy and savory, then go for 24/7 Super Healthy!  Apart from serving awesomely amazing food, they can deliver via Grabfood 24/7, so when hunger calls anytime of the day, even in the wee hours of the night, you can always count on 24/7 Super Healthy to deliver!

You can never go wrong with 24/7 Super Healthy Salmon Curry Rice, with curried basmati rice, seared salmon and cilantro sauce.  This is one combination I never though would be so good and mind blowing, how can something so healthy tastes so good!


Change your perception of vegan with Omni Luncheon Meat Rice, with caramelized onions, umami sauce and scrambled egg with brown rice.

I am not a fan of vegan food, but when I tried Omni Luncheon Meat Rice, I can say that not all vegan foods are created equal, and I love this so much! This is proof, that even vegan can taste so good!

So lessen your worries about this Lenten Season on what to prepare and eat this Holy Week and leave it up to Grab!  So less trouble of cooking in the kitchen and more time to spend and reflect with the family.

Enjoy the many food options from other food establishments such as Subway, Paluto by Trinity Dampa, Something Healthy, Go! Salads, Bang Bang Bangus, Healthy to go, Manna, Sen-Ryo, Kuya J's Restaurant and more. 

Order today and via the Grab App and have a Blessed Holy Week.

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