Sunday, November 1, 2020

Starbucks presents the 2020 Christmas Merchandise Line-up, Christmas Starbucks Cards and More

Starbucks Christmas is all about sharing!  And this 2020 Holiday Season is no exemption.  With that Starbucks gives us the Starbucks Christmas Collection, with awesome Holiday Merchandise, new Starbucks Christmas Cards, and their 23rd Anniversary Collection offers!  

Be a Santa this 2020 and bring on the gifts! 

Now read on below to find out the gifts you'll love and what's in store for you starting November 3!

Featured Holiday Merchandise this 2020 Holiday Season

Starbucks Holiday Bling Cups

Shades up ‘coz Bling cups are here!

These must-have Iridescent Cold Cups will surely suit your dazzling look. With their textured surface and debossed logo, these new trendy colored cold cups are the perfect accessory to match the holiday vibe.  This is perfect to match your 2020 Christmas beverage orders from Starbucks.

Available in iridescent color of pink and rainbow hues for Php1,695

Starbucks Pearl Hot Cup, 16oz.

Each cup has a glossy pearl effect to make drinking more festive & sparkling. Sanitized and ready to use.

Available in Blue, Pink, Green and Silver for Php125 (each cup sold separately)

Starbucks Home for the 

Holidays Collection

Features a warm and cheerful home setting, celebrating the enchantment of holiday season with adorable furry dog & cat friends in a mix of classic red and green hues with a highlight of camel brown and white to bring holiday spirit to life.

Starbucks Copper Gem Collection

A collection of glam minimalist look with unique shape and artwork in Matte black and glossy copper finish.

Cheers to 23

2020 marks the 23rd year of Starbucks in the Philippines. With the brand being a part of Filipinos’ holiday celebrations, Starbucks brings a commemorative 23rd Anniversary Journal and Card Gift Set inspired by the iconic Siren. 

Priced at ₱2,700, the whimsical gift bundle is inclusive of a journal, a leather clutch, plus a Starbucks Card with an initial activation amount of ₱1,000. 

Starbucks 23rd Anniversary Collection

A collection with Siren and water elements in sea foam blue color with accents of gold to celebrate our 23 years of giving warmth and joy one cup at a time.

**Special 23rd Anniversary Card + Journal & Pouch set for Php2,700 (Starbucks Card initial activation of Php1,000) | Mug and tumbler excluded

Merry Little Cards

There’s nothing like reuniting with those that one holds dear in their hearts. Show love and thoughtfulness and give the gift of Starbucks holiday cards, which will be available in four designs — the Maligayang Pasko card, the Snowman Card, Holiday Tree Card, and the Holiday Animals Card — for an initial activation amount of ₱300. 

This year may not be an easy year for all of us, but there is always something to celebrate in our lives in even the smallest ways.  Celebrate the Holiday Season this 2020 with family, friends and with your Starbucks Family.  Happy Holidays!

Visit here to see the 2020 Starbucks Christmas Beverage offerings and Christmas Bites.

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