Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Taste Real Coffee Goodness with Maskape 3in1 Coffee! + A chance to win a month's supply of Maskape 3in1 Coffee!

Maskape 3-in-1 Coffee 
- Real Coffee Goodness in an instant

Don't you just love a hot cup of coffee of start your day right?  But now it's not just the start of the day, but everytime, anytime.  Filipinos love coffee, literally!  I mean, they enjoy it in the morning, at noon, afternoon, snacks, after dinner and even late nights with friends.  It's not just beverage, it's a way of life.

Even if we all love our coffee, everyone likes it their way, meaning differently, some love it strong, some love it creamy, some just want it black, and with that we bring to you Maskape 3in1 Coffee, the perfect way to enjoy your coffee.

How would like your coffee?  That's what we ask our friends whenever they come over for a chat, and Maskape 3in1 Coffee has got us covered.

Maskape 3in1 Coffee is made from Robusta Coffee Beans, giving it low acidity and high bitterness, and more antioxidants

Maskape Original 3in1 Coffee Mix

The perfect mix of coffee, creamer and sugar in one pack!  Just pour hot water, mix it up and you got yourself the perfect cup of coffee.

Maskape Barako Gold 

Like it bold, then Maskape Barako Gold is for you.  With strong coffee flavor and an intense and bold, pure coffee experience, with intense bitterness.

Maskape White and Creamy, 
Brown and Creamy and Strong and Rich

Have it your way, mix and match to find that perfect taste and aroma, from White and Creamy, for a mikly creamier taste and flavorful aroma, perfect for great mornings.

Get that Strong and Rich Maskape variant, to perk up your day after every meal.  And finally Brown and Creamy, with raw brown sugar in the mix for that perfect caramelly flavor.

Now which do I like the most?  It's Brown and Creamy for me, love it anytime of the day. Now what's your flavor?

And with that Maskape 3in1 would like to you to have a taste and enjoy their coffees by giving you a month's supply of Maskape 3in1 Coffee.

Winners will be announced on November 17, and prizes will be delivered right to your homes.  Join now and win!

*One Month Supply = 30 packs of Maskape 3in1 Coffee

Maskape 3in1 Coffee is made by Mighty and Strong (MAS) Foods Corporation and is available at supermarkets nationwide and in all 7-Eleven stores for only P5.00 and P10.00 for a twinpack.


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  2. Happy to join
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  4. I want to try Maskape because I am also a coffee lover. I always start the day with a cup of coffee. As I read that it has low acidity and high antioxidants, I think it will be better for my morning routine.I think I will also love Maskape Brown and Creamy 😍
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  18. Joined. Hoping to win 😍
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  19. Anyone who wants to celebrate their chirstmas in a new style every year, this is a golden opportunity for you. Sign up and have fun. I guarantee that will be a new opportunity.


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