Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Chinese New Year Celebration at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

Lung Hin

Welcome the coming of the Year of the Fire Rooster at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, one of the most sought after hotel destinations in Manila brings to us an annual tradition of celebrating the Chinese New Year!

Feast on a selection of great dishes made specially for you this Chinese New Year, be in touch with your Yin Yang with Maritess Allen, international Feng Shui expert, at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila this coming January 28th.

Indulge the senses as you witness a dragon dance performance which is believed to bring good luck and great fortune to people.  Followed after by a prosperous Cantonese temptations, combining traditional and modern culinary techniques by Executive Chinese Chef, Raymond Yeung with his Yin and Yand set menus for lunch that your family, friends and loved ones can enjoy at Lung Hin.

On January 27, there will be a New Year's Eve celebration at the Grand Ballroom, located on the 7th floor with live entertainment such as calligraphy making, displays and selling of Feng Shui cures, enhancers and lucky charms to pave for a great new year ahead.

Presenting the fabulous feast at Lung Hin

Lung Hin

Salmon Fish "YU SHENG" 

This is a famous tradition in Singapore and Malaysia, though not main stream in Manila nor in China, hoping it becomes a favorite tradition here in the Philippines.

Lung Hin

I am not really a fan of Salmon, but I gave it a try and it was very refreshing and tasteful, hmm seems I will be having more Salmon then, well in the case of Lung Hin that is.

Lung Hin

Braised Pork Tongue with dried oysters and black moss

Succulent, soft and chewy pork tonque and luscious flavorful meat in this slowly cooked broth, brings out the sweet taste in every sip.

Lung Hin

Stir-fried Prawn with Asparagus and Red Wine Pear

Fresh large prawns stir-fried to crisp yellow garnished with asparagus and red wine pear

Lung Hin

Braised Crab Meat with Dried Scallop and Asparagus 

This is perhaps one of my favorite dishes considering I am not really a fan of vegetables, then I would this should be really good!

Lung Hin

Braised Pork Knuckle with Black Moss and Vegetables

Pork lovers this is for you, this pork knuckle carefully cooked to bring out the natural aroma and flavor, mixed with black moss comes out just the way pork knuckle should be done, perfect!

Lung Hin

Fried Rice with Taro and Chinese Sausage

This is one Chinese Fried Rice I was quite surprised to see, yes Chinese Sausage is a common ingredient, but seeing taro is quite interesting as well.  It cuts the saltiness of the chinese sausage but still brings out the flavor and aroma, great combination.

Lung Hin

Lung Hin Braised Sea Cucumber Casserole

Atlantis in a casserole I would say, all the seafood you love in a mouth-watering casserole, with all the flavors of the sea, you better not miss this.

Lung Hin

Sweetened Cashew Nut with Sesame Dumplings

Delicious desserts come in fabulous packages, and this sweetened cashew nut with sesame dumplings hits the spot!   Lung Hin

Brown Sticky Rice Cake 

Bring home to family and friends new year favorites such as glutinous rice cakes, presented in round cakes with yam and brown sugar flavors for P988 each, and special Koi-shaped coconut flavor for P1,188.  Freshly made by Lung Hin's Hong Kong chefs, indulge in a delightful and delectable Golden Pineapple Pastry in boxes of 8 for only P888.  Available at Lung Hin on the 44th floor of the hotel from January 10 to 31 and January 15 to 31 respectively.

Find out more of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila can offer you, do contact them at (632) 720-7777 or book online via or email  Visit their Facebook page at or follow @MarcoPoloManila on Twitter and Instagram.

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