Monday, February 4, 2013

The Bistro Group invites you to Taste the Love

Taste the Love with The Bistro Group

The Bistro Group, the home of the country’s finest international and homegrown casual dining brands, is launching its latest campaign, Taste the Love. The campaign invites diners to taste the love behind every restaurant concept launched and every international chain brought to local shores, in every innovative dish prepared, and with every service rendered with a smile.

The campaign celebrates a series of milestones for The Bistro Group, namely the opening of 50 restaurants spread across 12 concepts, the appointment of Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood, and the launch of its Premiere Card.

The latest restaurant to join the group is Modern Shanghai, which brings authentic recipes from the region and serves them in a homey, comfortable environment. It joins Watami, a top food and beverage restaurant in Japan, the first Village Tavern branch outside the US, and Japanese-Western restaurant Ma Maison. These four are the latest international chains brought to the Philippines by The Bistro Group, rounding out its restaurants.

Aside from new dining locations, the arrival of Chef Boutwood has seen the launch of new dishes, such as Black Pizza, Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Wings, and Fully Loaded Sweet Potato Skins at Village Tavern, and the a la carte Katsu Menu at Ma Maison.

Taste the Love is not just about food. It’s about the heart and the passion that goes into everything we do, from our concepts to our locations to our service to of course, our food. By focusing on creating a dining experience that diners will want to repeat and share, we allow our customers to taste the love from the moment they get hungry and think about our restaurants to the time they have polished off every bite.”

Perks of The Premiere Card
 - 20% off total bill
- 30% off total bill every Monday
- 2 pcs 40$ off dining vouchers up to P3,000
- 25% discount voucher for your birth month
-  6 appetizer vouchers up to P400 each
- Complimentary Coffee or Tea with every visit

As a way of saying thank you to loyal customers, The Bistro Group is also launching the Premiere Card, which offers multiple discount offers up to 40% off the total bill; complimentary appetizers, coffee, and tea; as well as birthday treats for the cardholder.

In addition, for the month of hearts, The Bistro Group is offering an exclusive deal for Citibank cardholders. From February 4-7, cardholders will receive 50% off food and beverage orders worth at least P2,500, with a discount up to P5,000.

“We invite everyone to Taste the Love at the Bistro Group of Restaurants and to stay tuned as we roll out even more exciting deals, menu items, and restaurants in 2013. We are excited about what we have in store for our customers, and with great food, great service, great ambiance, what’s not to love?” Ronquillo states.

The Bistro Group is a collection of international hospitality casual dining brands and home-grown restaurant concepts, namely TGI Friday's, Italianni's, Fish & Co., Flapjacks, Pig Out!, Krazy Garlik, The Stock Market, Bulgogi Brothers , Ma Maison, Village Tavern, Watami, and Modern Shanghai.

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