Friday, November 9, 2012

Spirals : Rebirth


Finally, Spirals opens their doors to the public this Nov. 7.  After being closed for renovation due to floods, weather disturbances or whatever you may call it.  Sofitel's renewed gem is finally open.  And it's better than ever.

Maybe you could say it was time for a renovation indeed as Spirals, even as splendid as it was has been in fact operating for quite a number of years and refit may be due, so you can say this may be a blessing in disguise.  This is the perfect example of how the best top themselves and made it better.

Now above all else, Spirals is once again open to cater to the discerning of us and give back to us the most sought after buffet in the Philippines that we have been missing for the past year.

So what's new at Spirals? Well almost everything! New chairs, new tables, new specialty foods and more!  I was so happy to find that one of my favorite buffet spreads in town is now open, that I am at a loss of words to describe how amazing the feeling that Spirals is back.

The new Spirals features 21 dining ateliers for you to feast your taste buds on.  


First stop, Salads and Appetizer, which features this exemplary wonderful selection of salads, fresh vegetables, hand tossed and mixed with your favorite dressings.


Visit the Sushi and Sashimi corner, featuring our favorite Japanese sushi rolls, maki, fresh tuna and salmon slices, and also on this section are their fresh cold prawns, crabs and lobsters.  This area used to be where they arrange their desserts.


Opposite the Sushi and Sashimi corner, is their North Indian section, where we get our fill of delectable Indian curries, kebabs and roti.  Beside it is where they serve their U.S. prime rib steaks, one slice is never enough.

Have a bite on their many choices of home-made breads at the La Boulangerie, from soft breads, croissants to french bread.  Take a pick and enjoy munching on the crumbs.



Feast on their Chinese dishes, Thai specialties, Korean favorites and even Filipino flavors at the Asian section.  Hot steaming dimsum, roasted Peking duck, Pork roastings, Chinese desserts and more, you can never get enough of them.


As if we haven't had enough of the delicious sushi and sashimi, they have once again devoted a section named Japanese, where they feature various tempura, and now they also have 2 teppanyaki cookers, to pan fry fresh prawns, cuttlefish, maya-maya and dory slices.  I suggest you take time in lining up as well, as it will sure be a favorite for Spirals diners.

The Voyage Du Vin, serves your favorite wines and bar finds while the French stove, fires up delicious roastings, fancy pastas and a whole lot more.  Stir up your favorite at their noodle and pasta station.



Take notice and fascinate on L' Epicerie, where even kings and rulers will marvel at the vast selection of the best cheeses in the world and the new home of the worlds best aged hams, from parma hams to your favorite smoked hams, feel and smell the scent of ageless excellence.





To sum it all up La Patisserie and Chocolaterie, Spiral's new chocolate room, serves sweets and everything you could wish to have when you were a kid.  From local sweets such as bibingka, puto bumbum to chocolate puffs, moist cakes and choco mouse, and lots and lots of candies, from jelly beans to jelly worms, drown yourself and satisfy your cravings for sweets, there's definitely something for you to lay your sweet tooth on.



I love coming back to Spirals, be among the first to experience once again, Spirals.  Enjoy it with family and friends.  How about the price?  Mondays to Saturdays lunch price is at P2432.94 nett, Sunday brunch at P3046.06 nett, Sunday to Thursday dinners are P2800.41 and Friday - Saturday dinners are P3046.06.  Is the overall experience worth it?  Well, I say if you got the cash go for it.  

You may also think of getting a membership card to use, as when you dine in with a friend, you get a meal free, so ask the waiters about it.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza
Manila, Philippines
(+632) - 551-5555

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